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CBN. N Chandrababu Naidu. He is a doer. He does not believe in loud talk, but looks at data. He does not reply on probabilities, he looks for accuracy. He stays low, right until the point when provocation happens and requires his strict warning.

That is CBN for you. The 2 AM’er who does not look at time to take meetings with investors. A visionary who envisages a map in his mind and gets the best architects in the world to work on it. He cuts the ribbon for new Secretariat building, even as the opposition laughs at the near impossible scope of completion. The first building is ready, while the skeptics try to cope with hard facts.

Chandrababu Naidu is often touted to be a King Maker. This largely owed to the fact that he sets high standards and equally tough deliverables. Some of his teams may hate the constant push and ridiculous stress on completion of deadlines. Live with it, because, Naidu will not stop until things get done.

When the Skeptics Made Noise after June 2014

This was the low point for the state. The state bifurcation left Andhra Pradesh with no money or the capital. CBN was sworn in as the Chief Minister of the struggling fount. No later than he was sworn in, Naidu jumped to take the huge responsibility. We are not talking about simple stuff, but an enormous situation of setbacks and darkness that had to be dealt with. Those of us who saw the Greater Hyderabad happen believed in his potential. The rest of us speculated everything near close, sometimes as devil’s advocates and sometimes as sheer cynics.

Mission Andhra Pradesh

CBN took on the global expedition. The plan was simple – to attract foreign and renowned investors in China, Japan and Singapore to come invest in AP. The players were nothing less of billion dollar babies. They had a hard time understanding the situation, but they did not hesitate a second when it came to the brand called Naidu. There was nothing left to prove. The only challenge was to get the investors believe in the nascent state that held heavy promise. Things started picking momentum.

CBN, High Performance Delivered

World Bank Ranks AP 2nd in Ease of Doing Business

The real deal began. World Bank came forth to ascertain, analyse and declare the state the second best in the country to do business. This, despite all the challenges and roadblocks. Most of this was attributed to AP’s efforts with investor friendly initiatives. Andhra Pradesh was ranked in the category of ‘Aspiring Leaders’, meaning the overall implementation status should be between 50 to 75 per cent.

AP attracts 3rd highest FDI in one year (6.1 Billion $ or 40000 crores)

Again, Andhra Pradesh took the front run in the charts, ranking 3rd highest FDI in a span of just one year! The state attracted foreign direct investments worth 6.1 billion dollars, translating to Rs 40,000 Crore.

AP’s Make in India Revolution

Barely was the state getting into the state of stability with chaotic administrative set up, CBN began the Make in India revolution on a large scale. The Make in India particularly, is still ongoing, with multiple projects landing into the kitty of the state. Right from the Xiaomi launch till the recent Isuzu D Max, Andhra Pradesh is all full throttle here.

AP, Largest Mobile Manufacturer in India

No Surprises there. With the opening of Sri City Foxconn Plant and the Tirupati’s Electronic hub, AP has already set the operations rolling for some of the well-known mobiles phones in India and the world.

New Capital Amaravati

Yes, this is an achievement in itself. Most people doubted Naidu’s ability to pull it off. The great Amaravati had officially become the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, with a foundation ceremony that will remembered in history. A 225 sq km capital has indeed been built by pooling lands from farmers.

AP becomes the 1st State to Interlink Two Main Rivers

After flowing 124 kms, water from the Godavari River in Andhra Pradesh reached the Krishna delta region, marking a milestone in the river-interlinking project.

Largest solar plant will be set up in Anantapur and go into full operation by 2017

One of the landmark achievement among the many that followed, the new Solar Plant to be set up at Anantapur will practically take the game of business, employment and revenue to the next level.

Prime Industries, hospitals and Universities Come to AP

Be it the coveted Varsities or the national giants like BEL, everybody is now practically setting up their bases in AP. The growth is slated to be exponential in the coming few years, with no industry setting a bar.

Capital shifted from Hyderabad in 2 years

The new Secretariat is up and running and so are parts of administrative functioning. This is a great development, considering the obstacles with logistics.

AP, a 24×7 Power State

You will now have 24/7 power in the state, all seasons and times of the year.

Vizag declared 5th cleanest city in the country

Vizag made it to the top 10 list after looking at devastation of HUDHUD. This shows the unrelenting spirit of the city, coupled with CBN’s unfailing efforts to restore and uplift the fallen ground. This apart, the city hosted 2016 CII Summit as well as the coveted International Fleet Review immediately after.

Pattiseema project takes off, finally!

Most people did not believe this to happen, at all. But the 1400 crore Pattiseema was readied in 12 months flat. This, despite the roaring noise from the opposition and the doubters.

Chandrababu Naidu continues to strive on making some of the prospective projects come alive for the new state of Andhra Pradesh. Most leaders propagate possibilities and promises, very few work silently and make it happen.

That’s CBN for the skeptics.



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