The Cause and Effect of CBN’s Chanakya Neeti

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CBN's Chanakya like approach spews tactical approach and prepared counter measures.

Dharma and Karma have always struggled to co exist in the society. Now, we are talking about the ages gone by as well as the prevailing times. So when the CM of Andhra Pradesh decided to switch to a Chanakya mode from that of a Vishwakarma, the subordinates and the loyalists cried out loud in frustration.

Why such a massive change in the cabinet, the world at large continues to yell at CM’s near volatile decision making with respect to the choice of his ministers. On the face value, his move looks like a steady approach to rope in effective performers and do away with the liabilities. On the flip side, a silent under current of dislike treads on, blaming his moves to have heavier agenda than expected.

On the contrary, CM’s move to rope in 4 MLAs who jumped right from the opposition and shockingly ignore the most favorites seems to have meaning in a simpler sense – he has waited on long enough to take reins and make the transformations that point towards state’s welfare.

Some say that CM had to ‘appease’ a certain community at the cost of another. Others say that he has taken few reckless calls on the matter. Whatever the noise is, the end result points towards a strong message – changes will be made when it comes to non performance.

Of course, it is very easy to sit in our comfortable houses and complain about his moods and attitudes. The real hard workers are continuing to do their jobs within the core teams of the government. Enough said about the high drama that went on for the last few weeks inside the Andhra Pradesh Assembly. CBN’s Chanakya like approach spews tactical approach and prepared counter measures. Only time will tell us about the resultant possibilities.



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