“If You Build, They Will Come”, Proven By CBN – AP, The Indian State of the Year 2016

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This is definitely not a fiction, not at all after being declared by the leading national news network of India and the world. Beating 28 states in a row, Andhra Pradesh has managed to grab the number one spot to become the Indian State of the Year 2016.

CNN IBN has rated Andhra Pradesh as a numero uno when it comes to investments, development, infrastructure, growth, improvements and achievements. The stir caused by the Sunrise State right from Amaravati to Davos is not unknown. CM’s struggle to get the global investors to the state had fetched some remarkable outcomes in the form of new collaborations, expansions and prospects.

Andhra Pradesh has been steering itself ahead, regardless of many challenges in the form of lack of funds, resources, and even strong belief system in some parts of the sections. Despite all the cynicism, AP is raring to go, more stronger than ever. Amaravati is all set to rise one more time to become India’s most significant world class capital cities.

Starting from inclusiveness to strategies, from Happiness Index to Vision 2029, the real time governance of Andhra is already setting some great examples for the country in totality. CM N Chandrababu Naidu’s mission to make state empowered with futuristic technology and IoT had stimulated the thinking cells of some of the best leaders in the world. Aadhaar card linking with various applications and transactions stemmed from AP, and there is no denying that.

This and more, the state of Andhra Pradesh continues to tread on, with relentless hard work and focus. AP, the Indian State of the Year and many years to come!

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