Breakthrough Plantix App, Now Available for AP Farmers

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Honourable Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu launched Planti at the District Collectors’ Conference in Vijayawada. Plantix is an app that allows one to identify the variety of pest affecting the crop through artificial intelligence, just by clicking a photo of the infected area of the leaf/crop.

This is definitely a breakthrough app that will largely benefit the farmers in the state. AP Govt continues to strive to bring technology to the common man. With Plantix launched, the farmers can access technology that will actually address the most important challenge – pest control.

How does Plantix Work?

Plantix is a diagnostic app for farmers, gardeners and everybody working in agriculture. Whether you are a farmer interested in sustainable practice or an urban gardener loving tomatoes, the App tests your crops on diseases, pests and nutrient deficiencies with the help of a simple smartphone picture. Plantix uses image recognition and deep learning to detect more than 120 plant pests & diseases on 30 crops worldwide, on the rest we offer a regionalized ranking of most probable pathogens.

You get a result automatically after sending us your picture and together with your individual diagnosis you get customized options for disease combat: Plantix offers information on conventional as well as alternative options for treatment and tells you how to prevent your problem from the start. This library is available offline as well. And the best: with every picture, you help other farmers around the world, since our automated diagnosis is built on your pictures and growths with every new information sent to us.

Plantix supports farmers in a smart agriculture that produces healthy crops and saves resources via targeted action. Plantix is the expert in your pocket!

This revolutionary app can be accessed in Telugu language and covers nutrient deficiencies of 17 kinds of crops.
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