More Bad News for Traffic Rule Violators

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About a year and a half ago, the Visakhapatnam Police Commissioner-ate had proposed that six more traffic police stations be set up in the city. According to an official this will prove beneficial in managing the heavy traffic on Vizag roads in a more efficient manner. However, there seems to be a slight delay in the sanction of this request.

As of now, the city of Vizag has only 7 traffic police stations. But, the number of vehicles on the roads has been steadily increasing. According to experts, each year close to 60000 vehicles in each category are being added to the already busy roads. The city traffic wing has only 400 traffic policemen who are finding it really hard to contain the smooth movement of the traffic that moves across 1200km and covers a population close to 20 lakhs. This includes the NH16 stretch that spans over 73km.

The current traffic officials are regulating the traffic at the 100 important junctions of the city. According to an expert, Visakhapatnam needs at least 200 more traffic policemen, a few more traffic police stations and new equipment for the efficient monitoring of traffic across the city. This is one of the main reasons why, Amit Garg, the Police Commissioner proposed the opening of six more police stations in the city.

KM Patrudu, ADCP (Traffic) said that in the coming years, it would be a major challenge for the traffic officials to control the traffic and reduce the road accidents in Vishakhapatnam city. He added that traffic spats among citizens have become commonplace at major junctions of the city including Satyam Junction, Asilmetta, Madillapalem, NAD Kotha Road etc. He added that the manpower and equipments they have is not enough for the efficient management of traffic in the city. He hopes that soon the proposed six police stations will be sanctioned and set up in Vizag.





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