AP’s Blockchain Institute of Technology Will Lead the Market

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AP state’s government’s crucial initiative towards innovation and development is now taking shape. The sunrise state is now collaborating with leading tech and Blockchain startups from University of California and Singapore to establish first of its kind Blockchain Institute of Technology.

It is said that local government officials have now completed required preliminary discussions with the California University (UC). The new Blockchain Institute of Technology will be designed by top researchers as per the agreements signed between UC and the state government.

What will Blockchain Institute of Technology do?

Blockchain Institute of Technology will play an important role, assisting government agencies, financial giants and other critical bodies in order to formulate ground breaking strategies.

Blockchain Institute of Technology will seamlessly integrate with the in-house environment, such as e files and web portals and make the system doubly robust and immune to hackers and breaches.

The main aim behind establishing Blockchain Institute of Technology is to lead in the Asian Fintech industry, all while improvising and setting better example among the states.

Vizag is likely the shortlisted city to establish Blockchain practice and train people in the technology.



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