AP will now Fight Maoists with Israeli Weapons

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Soon, innovative support in the form of technical know-how and sophisticated weapons will be made available to the security forces that are engaged in various anti-naxal operations across the district of Vishakhapatnam. If sources are to be believed, major assault operations on Maoists are being planned by these forces.

Andhra Pradesh is going to be the first ever naxal-effected Indian state to seek the help of another country for overcoming this menace. Additionally, the police department of the state was also strengthened with the appointment of Kode Durga Prasad, the security chief of the Prime Minister and ex-CRPF DG as the state Home Department advisor. While working as DG in CRPF, Durga Prasad had been instrumental in initiating various anti-naxal operations in areas of Odisha, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh. He had also served as the Chief of Greyhounds.

On Monday, 22nd April, an aerial inspection of Visakha agency was conducted by DGP Sambasiva Rao, Greyhounds – the anti-naxal special force, CRPF, State Intelligence Bureau and higher officials of intelligence along with an Israeli team comprising of two members. The survey was conducted to give the experts of Israel an idea of the tough terrains of the Andhra-Odisha border.

If sources are to be believed, this survey proved quite beneficial for the team to get an inkling of the terrains and the various issues encountered by the security teams. According to one of the senior officials who is engaged in anti-naxal operations, these Israeli members are well aware of the issues that mar the anti-extremist operations because of their experience of working across the Israel-Gaza border. He said that they are now waiting for a report about the suggestions and advice that the experts have to give them to improve their success rates in combing and ambushing the naxalite centers.

It is believed that the prime focus of the experts will be on safety and surveillance factors of the security personnel involved in combing the areas. According to a senior IPS officer, their main enemy is not the naxals but rather the difficult terrains. He added that these terrains are offering a lot of advantage to the Maoists. Thus, they are now expecting the Israeli experts to give them suggestions of how to gain protection from booby traps, ambush and various other techniques used by the naxals.

Sources suggest that these experts were roped in after an initiative taken by the state Chief Minister. Soon, a
technical team from the state will be visiting Israel to gain knowledge about the use of modern weapons and technical factors involved in dealing with the naxals. Israel will also be supplying modern and sophisticated weapons to the state. During the next four months a trial will also be conducted to understand the usage of these weapons and implement the precautions recommended by the experts.

It is believed that the police department will be instructed by the state government to focus on putting up outposts in areas which are considered to be a stronghold of the Maoists. According to sources, the next two months will see the building of at least a couple of outposts. It is being said that post the construction of these outposts, the police officers will be directed about safety and security measures as well as techniques to face assaults.



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