AP Version 2.0 – A Breakthrough Success Story!!

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Two years of Andhra Pradesh – some find poetry in that phrase, while some find hope. One section sees progress, while the other continues to crib about the adversities. Regardless of the constant challenges and bottlenecks been thrown on the face, AP continues to grow. The state is now in its new upgraded avatar – Version 2.0. Giving back the haters, on the face, that the region is ready for the next game plan.

Starting from the scratch to establishing a solid base, this was no mean task. There is no small talk here, only great vision. In the midst of Nay Sayers and doubters, the government and the people alike developed a belief system – we will move ahead regardless of what. To get to the belief system and attain results was a long journey of tenterhooks – the new state has got that done with grace and strength.

AP’s Transformation into an Industrial Leader

The state has trodden the difficult path like a rookie startup entrepreneur. There was instances when chances were taken based on sheer gut factor. That factor being empowerment. Over a phased timeline of 24 months, the new state of Andhra has taken over control, with some of the greatest industrial collaborations and tie ups with global players.

Like the superpower United States, the NIKE map of Andhra welcomes the industries and investors of all shapes and sizes. LET’s DO IT, the state roars.

Breakthrough Momentum in Automobile and Electronics

Things have transpired in a giant rocket speed. The rise of Sri City as the new mobile and electronics hub made way for more possibilities. A little later after Foxconn opened its plant and got on the job to manufacture MI series, players like Gionee, Reliance, Celkon, Lava, Micromax and One Plus followed suit. All that was wanted was the beginning. Foothold happened later on with pride. The state’s active initiatives that echoed MAKE in INDIA movement have turned out to be important game changers that projected a win win. There was no looking back ever since. The version 2.0 continues to have a line of investors, waiting to sign up and make it all happen.

AP’s furore in the automobile sector proved to be a welcome boost to the thriving economy. Manpower employment sees a new ray of hope, after the inception of Asian automobile giants who have come forth and set their base. Names in the likes of ISUZU, Bharath Forge, Kalyani and Ashok Leyland see AP to be the next giant automobile arena for operational deployments.

“Come, invest in us” – CM, N Chandrababu Naidu

Energy and Petrochem – The Great Way Forward

The scope is expanding now for the energy and the petrochem league within the state. Collaborations made with Gamesha, Petronet and Trina Solar speak volumes about the possibility of Andhra being the next largest energy hub in the country. Petrochem is slowly seeing a brand new dawn, with the advent of Berger and Asian Paints.

Mineral Industry Looks Ahead

With solid presence of brands like Jai Raj Ispat, Ultratech and Trimax sands, AP now looks ahead with more advancements on the curve. Do business with us, the state government continues to pitch the region in a frenzy that is backed up with sane business logic. Biotech also sees promise with the incoming of top line companies into the state.

Agriculture and Fisheries – Strengths Optimized

Andhra, with its largest coastline inevitably calls in for great premise with respect to investments in fisheries and aquaculture. More is expected down the line, looking at the optimal resources and the produce. Agriculture will and continue to shine and grow, with grandeur future developments and programs aimed at benefitting the farmers. Some of the initiatives taken are already seeing results.

This is two years of Andhra Pradesh for India and the world. Impossible is nothing, said the great Muhammad Ali. Andhra continues to learn, grow and commit. The 2.0 version does not stop here. There are more versions ahead for the people of the region. Amaravati is in the making, and so are other great plans that speak global standards.

This is the time for the people of the state to stand united and work towards state’s interest. There is every possibility for youth to set up more start-ups, establish innovative businesses, create employment and self-sustenance. Nothing is a constraint as long as success echoes inside minds and hearts.




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