AP Students Take Over with UPSC Success Rate Too

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UPSC Success Rates Increase by 20% in Telugu Speaking States. Among the 1099 appointments that were made based on the results of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Examinations held in December 2016, 80 students are from the Telugu speaking states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

On May 31st, the results were declared by UPSC and a 20% increase in the number of successful students from the two states was seen. Last year about 67 students had cleared the exams while this year the number has risen to 80. Gopala Krishna who belongs to AP secured the third rank in the examinations.

However, the number of students who made it to the top 100 list has surely reduced this year. While 14 students had made it to the top 100 list in 2015 only 5 have made it to the list this year. According to the Assistant Director of an IAS Coaching Center named La Excellence, Vyshali M, this year the students who made it to top 100 have secured 3rd, 22nd, 37th, 44th and 84th ranks. She added that the person who secured the 1099th rank belongs to Telangana. Though the number of ranks in the top 100 list is less, experts believe that as far as the two states are concerned, this is definitely one of the best results.

The number of candidates who had applied for the examinations from AP and Telangana was about 99555. However, the number of candidates who appeared for the preliminary examinations was 38925. The Mains were cleared by more than 900 students and out of these 100 made it to the interview. 80 of the 100 students who appeared for the interview have been selected for appointment.



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