AP Rules With Solar Power, Like a Boss

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With an accumulative power generation capacity of 1867MW, Andhra Pradesh becomes the highest solar power generator in India. On the other hand, Telangana, with a generation capacity of 1287MW ranks fourth. Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu with their solar power generating capacity of 1812MW and 1691MW bagged the second and third ranks respectively.

Generation of solar power is gaining a lot of importance with the Central Government, thereby propelling it to offer more incentives. In the year 2016-17, the solar power generation of India has increased by 5525MW, thus making the total figure at 12288MW.

According to the Union Power Ministry, India has a lot of potential to generate solar power, estimating the figure to be at 748GW.

The solar power generation in the country has seen a remarkable growth in the past few years. The generation figure which was at 2632MW in 2013-14 has increased to 12288MW this year. 4800MW of this power is generated from the rooftop solar projects while the rest is gained from the large solar projects.

The Central Government has now decided to add rooftop solar projects of 5000MW and large solar projects of 10000MW in the present financial year.

In the meantime, the past five years has seen a considerable decrease in the cost of solar panels. Five years ago, the cost of setting up a 1MW solar unit was INR 15crores. However, this has now reduced to INR 1crore.

An announcement has been made by the Central Government to offer concessions for the setting up of solar panels while also exempting the customs duty on imported solar panels and other related equipment.

The good news is that the increase in the production of solar power has led to the reduction of the power cost in the open market.



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