AP Real Time Governance Explained in This Amazing Video

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AP real time governance

“When you build, they will come”, goes the saying. Real time governance, an active initiation and implementation by Andhra Pradesh government would have been a brain racker for many, but then, results are here for all to see.

Switching the entire running of functions to an E mode welcomed many solutions for the citizens. Right from the Rupay for ration to CORE dashboard, CM N Chandrababu’s obsession for real time supervision is fetching great results. Ever since demonetization, online mode of transacting and accessing pensions was made easy for the citizens. It is not to be forgotten that it was AP CM who had suggested the concept of Aadhaar linking that has been adopted by the likes of Microsoft today.

The state is setting fine examples by embracing technology to carry out day to day activities of the common man. All the financial and administrative activities are now on a total virtual mode. The recent conference of Future Decoded also proved AP’s abilities as a tech enabled state which is deigning to take employment and education to a whole new level soon. Andhra Pradesh will be the first government to go on a cloud hybrid mode with public data powered by Microsoft Azure.

Some would have called monitoring Polavaram via drones as crazy, and the child tagging at Krishna Pushkarams weird. However, real time governance is definitely making a sound impact on the way things are done at Sunrise State.

This video on Andhra Pradesh real time governance explains it all, right from the scratch. Take a look!!



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