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It is never easy for a country to get the attention of a foreign investment – just like that. A lot goes on during the planning stages when a thriving economy aspires to get the required traction from the businesses who vie for off shore establishments. India as such has seen the rise of foreign investments since the 90’s. The way multinational players and giants have entered into the Indian market has largely contributed to the growth and emergence of the new economic diversity within the country. Come the new era of call centres, IT and manufacturing, the demand for deliveries in these companies have been successfully met with the supply of local talent. While the story of job markets and the volatility is an ongoing saga, a lot has to be attributed to the way India has been showcased to the global economy in the past decade.

The success story of the bifurcated Andhra Pradesh and the achievements made in the past one year cannot be disregarded. Summit or no summit, the fact that Andhra was able to win the focus of foreign players and countries in the far-east proves that the new state is raring to go with its untapped potential.

Coming to luring the investors to the ground that still needs to set up a capital city, it has purely been a one man show so far. Brand Chandrababu Naidu has worked again, nearly after a decade of building the path breaking Hi-tech city during his past reign. The CBN factor has definitely worked wonders the way the rest of the world looked at the potential possibilities that lay on the soil of Andhra Pradesh.

Foxconn in AP – Worthy of becoming a Harvard Case Study

Foxconn is a classic example of the ultimate wins. After the divide, there was very less that was left to present and garner for the state. Getting investors to believe on the empty ground that can manufacture mobile phones with the skill and talent alone was no mean task. Foxconn, the Taiwanese giant threw a shot at it. Despite having major plans to expand their plant in Gujarat and Maharashtra, Foxconn decided to ramp up their first series of manufacturing operations at Sri City. The largest assembling company of Apple’s iPhones began making smartphones at the Sri Cyty plant since July last year, complying with the policies that made an arrangement cheaper than importing the devices from China.
No sooner than the plant was set up, operations went full swing, attracting brands like Xiaomi and Cyanogen’s One Plus to outsource assembling of handsets to Sri City. Since July 2015, Foxconn has added brands like Microsoft, Xiaomi, Oppo, Gionee, Asus and Infocus to its list of clients that get handsets made locally.

CBN’s Tours – Packaging AP to the World

Taking a short rewind, the CM’s visit to China and Japan proved to be the initial foundation for the companies to take a look at the capability of Andhra Pradesh. It has always been about packaging well. Mr Naidi made it a point to promote the crème’ and battle the loopholes. His vision for the developed state transcending  barriers and imagining the expanded possibilities despite the existing weaknesses – all have paid off in a manner that befits talking about as an exceptional case study. It was CBN’s world class approach to showcase the new state with a strut worthy of presenting another nation that has paid off in an exponential measure.

Foxconn Makes the Call

This is all about vision and hard work. After commencing operations at Sri City, Foxconn saw the potential unleashed. AP has become Foxconn’s key focus since 2015 when Chairman Terry Gou visited the country and committed to invest $5 billion in Maharashtra initially. The plan was to deploy investment over five years on a new electronics manufacturing facility. The focus had ultimately shifted to what was obvious. Sri City managed to prove the credibility of resources and the skill present in the state. This has proved to be a major game changer that will now generate close to 1 lakh jobs for the state in future. After the brouhaha of doubt and animosity, the CII Partnership Summit has completely changed the tangent from which world saw Andhra Pradesh.

‘Foxconn – AP’ Way Forward

The manufacturing giant now aims to establish a campus in Andhra Pradesh as the world’s largest contract manufacturer following the ‘Make in India’ initiative. The core intent will be to take total production capacity to 2.5 million smartphones a month by the year-end and add 1,000 people to its existing workforce.

As of now, Foxconn makes about 1 million smartphones a month at the facility, which has 25 assembly lines and employs over 6,000 people. The new production facilities will cater to increased orders from these companies besides new smartphones. Three new buildings of a 500,000 square feet in total will be ready in the next five to six months and will have 10 smartphone assembly lines, going by the company’s latest plans.
There is a saying, “If you build, they will come”. Chandrababu Naidu has proved his mettle one more time as a leader. Presenting to the world, here comes the greater Andhra Pradesh.




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