AP Number 1 Again, Thanks to LED Lighting

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Looks like the new LED lighting momentum in the state had fetched more than expected in the last two years. AP state government had introduced massive use of LED across the districts, and the results are here for all of us to see.

After two years of successful LED implementation and usage, Andhra Pradesh has achieved another mind blowing record. The state had saved the energy of 1,500 million units in this two year span!! AP is officially number 1 in India when it comes to energy conservation and efficiency.

And now, things are set to go next level. Andhra Pradesh will now enact a legislation in place to capitalise on the gains and become energy sustainable.

“We are now working on a model Act for energy efficiency and conservation in the state. This is in tune with the recommendation of the World Bank which has ranked AP as the number one state in India in implementing energy efficiency programmes,” Principal Secretary (Energy and Infrastructure) Ajay Jain said while speaking to the media.

Jain called in for a press conference in Vijayawada yesterday afternoon, and stated that energy efficiency programs so far did not have any legislative backing but the proposed law would make energy conservation and efficiency mandatory.

“We have started working on the legislation which will make use of star-rated appliances mandatory and incentivize the users. There could also be a penalties for not using star-rated appliances,” he added.

AP leads the pack with an overall score of 42.01, followed by Rajasthan with 41.89, Karnataka 39.34 and Maharashtra 39.29 in Energy Efficiency Readiness Index the World Bank study released a couple of days ago.

AP achieved an energy saving of 1,500 million units in two years through use of LED lighting.

“The flip side to this is our power distribution companies (discoms) are losing revenues. They are suffering a loss of at least Rs 3 per unit (of power supplied) but we are treating this only as a welfare measure,” the Principal Secretary said.
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