AP, No 1 in Solar Capacity

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Andhra Pradesh has finally made its way to the No. 1 rank for solar capacity and has dethroned the state of Rajasthan, which had been the leader in this segment for the past three years. The solar capacity of AP is 1,867.23 MW while that of Rajasthan is 1,812.93 MW. Prior to this, it was Gujarat that had been an undefeatable winner for a number of years. However, with its solar capacity of 1,249.37 MW, it stands at Rank 4 while Telangana claims the third spot with its solar capacity of 1,286.98 MW.

Andhra Pradesh was able to defeat Rajasthan because of its major addition to its solar capacity in 2016-17 which ranged at 1,294.26 MW, this being the maximum among all the states in the country. The other states that followed closely in such addition were Karnataka at 882.38 MW and Telangana at 759.13 MW. The other states that made major additions to their solar capacity include Tamil Nadu at 630.01 MW, Rajasthan at 543 MW, Punjab at 388 MW, Uttar Pradesh at 193.24 MW and Uttarakhand at 192.35 MW.



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