AP Needs More of Progressive Minds, Not Communist

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Communism looks amazing on paper. The words that spew knives of aggression against mighty capitalism and the voices that echo loudest. Communism, sometimes mixed with another interesting concept called socialism, gives rise to the birth of revered intellects and thinkers. These minds soar high above the rest, writing groundbreaking prose and poetry, setting milestones and going down the pages of history as well sung and well followed heroes. There is only one flaw in the plan – there is never any real money made, jobs created or infrastructure built with these illustrious thoughts.

Frank Zappa happened to quote this way back – Communism doesn’t work because people like to own stuff. In the journey to survive and exist, civilizations need money and growth. With astounding prose and poetry, there was seldom any enticing revolution embarked upon – except that of poverty, misery and mass killing.

Andhra Pradesh is on the verge of turning a new leaf in the chapters of Indian history – battling the after effects of divide and marching towards reprisal. Whether the so called followers of Che understand this or not – communist thoughts are not going to build the state.

One may love or hate capitalism, but that is where means and money exist. Not taking a strong stride towards it, but the fact of the matter remains. In a democracy like India, it was the capitalists who made reforms happen. Unfortunately for the brilliant brothers who flaunt great expanse of mind and material, all that continues to remain is the red flag.

Perhaps we should take that as a red flag in the literal sense. Housing heavy communist thoughts and waging protests has never built economies. If the state is trying to replicate growth following the likes of Japan, China and Singapore, people within have to seriously undergo some mind mapping. Communism crushed and crumbled in China by the way, while we are still on the topic.

Communists are still awesome, hands down. Perhaps they should start acting than talking. History has also never proven anything otherwise. And when it comes to a naturally rich land like that of Andhra Pradesh, a state that flaunts natural ports, fertile soil and unimaginable prospects, people within should work collectively. Backed with an individual self sufficiency, both in terms of survival as well as mindset.

Laal Salaam. I still get carried away with that striking prose.



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