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The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy is keeping an active record of who is performing in the area of solar energy and who is not. With only six years left for the country to achieve the goal of generating 100 GW of electric power solely from solar projects, the ministry has highly commended the contribution that has been coming from Andhra.

As per the records, as many as 25 states are now falling short of achieving their goal. These states are behind 2,000 MW capacity for the previous fiscal.

The following states are said to be top league laggards (behind by the target)

Uttar Pradesh
West Bengal
Jammu & Kashmir

The above states have missed their mark by more than 100 MW in the year 2015-2016

The below states have not only met their targets, but have achieved in excess, according to the reports from the Ministry

Andhra Pradesh
Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Himachal Pradesh

The rest of the states have managed to meet about 60% of the agreed target.

“Considering the actual renewable purchase obligation level specified by the state electricity regulatory commissions for the year 2016-17, it is estimated that 25 states/UTs require over 2,030 MW solar power capacity to fulfill the solar purchase obligation,” the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy said in a recent document.

It is also estimated that 22 states and UTs now require over 9,080 MW of non-solar power capacity in order to fulfill their obligations to purchase energy from other renewable sources.

Promotion of renewable generation sources has now been added as an objective of the new tariff policy. The policy has provisions such as 8% solar purchase obligations by 2022 and renewable energy generation obligation on new coal/lignite-based thermal plants. Fully depreciated power plants whose purchase obligations have expired can now bundle their output with renewable energy. Renewable energy has also been exempted from inter-state transmission charges.

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