Anti-Malaria Campaign Commences in Vijayawada

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The city of Vijayawada is abuzz with the anti-malaria campaign which has been initiated by the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation. A sanitation drive was organized by the health and sanitation wings of the civic body in the area of Jakkampudi due to the reporting of close to 28 cases from the area in a span of 50 days. The sanitation workers went on to conduct door to door survey in order to ensure that there was no stagnant water around the peri-domestic areas in the colonies here.

During the past few weeks, reports were rife of an impending threat of water borne diseases in the city. This led to the VMC launching the anti-malaria campaign on 30th May and beginning the mosquito control program in Jakkampudi. A proper plan is also being prepared by the civic body to control the growth of mosquitoes in the city. If sources are to be believed, the mosquito eradication program in the city will be divided into three levels. First things first, the various unused pits and wells with stagnant water, which are the foremost breeding grounds of mosquitoes will be covered. Under the source reduction program, the VMC will also ensure that all the overhead tanks are covered and the drains flow freely.

The second level will comprise of killing the larva of the mosquitoes using both chemical as well as biological techniques. All the sanitary inspectors have been instructed to pour ML Oil, a larvicide into all the drains in the city, at least once a week. A weekly survey will also be conducted to identify the peri-domestic areas like flowerpot, unused utensils, air coolers, empty coconut shells etc which could be possible breeding grounds for disease causing mosquitoes.

In order to neutralize the larva, it is important that the Municipal Corporation takes special steps. Plans are on to place oil balls in water bodies that are polluted and release the fish called Gambusia in the fresh water bodies to keep the mosquito growth under check. In order to kill the adult mosquitoes that cause the diseases, it has been recommended that the residual spray which comprises of Malathian 25% should be sprayed on the walls of the homes. The civic body is all set to commence outdoor fumigation and indoor pyrethrum spray program. According to Dr M Gopi Naik, the CMO of VMC, they are also planning to launch malaria awareness campaign with the cooperation of community workers and malaria staff in the corporation.



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