Android, Biggest Enemy of Maoists!!

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Recent maoist encounter has revealed some very interesting facts. Android technology turned out to be play a very important role while the police officials from AP worked hard to track down the maosists. In fact, Android had turned out to be a biggest enemy to these maoists, without their own knowledge.

The officials revealed that Maoists were using Android phones, completely unaware of how to use the technology. Their Android supported mobile phones had the GPS on, ratting out their exact location to the cops.

It is said that Maoist leaders banked heavily on latest technology options to carry out critical activities such as making rocket launchers and operating their next moves by planning on laptops. They, however, were not too careful while using Android, that comes with GPS enabled by default. Had they looked up the settings and turned the GPS off, the story would have been slightly different today.

The police officials also shared that underground cadre enjoyed entertainment on their mobiles and took selfies. The selfie fad of their top party leader operating in the Andhra-Odisha Border special zonal committee, Ramachandra Reddy alias Chalapathi, and his wife Aruna, led them to their doom.

Just like other typical terrorists, the group believed that switching off mobile phone will conceal their location. They did not know that Android system continues to work even after the phone is switched off, just like how clock in the mobile shows the latest time when switched on, much after being switched off.

Maoists lost 30 leaders and cadres in the three encounters or exchanges of fire that took place from Monday to Thursday in the Malkangiri district of Odisha along the border with Andhra Pradesh. All thanks to Android technology.



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