Andhra, Rising High and Mighty with Wind, Yeh DIL Maange MORE!!

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With India working hard to tap the natural sources of energy, wind being one of these, AP’s contribution is so far the highest, what with the state becoming one of the fastest growing Wind Power states of the country. During the year gone by, India made an addition of 5400 MW of wind power, 40% of which is the contribution of Andhra Pradesh at a whopping 2190 MW.

Of the states that made significant additions to their wind powers, Andhra Pradesh is the highest with an addition of 2190 MW. Gujarat and Rajasthan with a wind power additions of 1275 MW and 882 MW respectively follow closely.
The other states that have enhanced their wind power capacity during 2016-17 are Madhya Pradesh at 357 MW, Rajasthan at 288 MW, Tamil Nadu at 262 MW, Maharashtra at 118 MW, Telangana at 23 MW and Kerala at 8 MW.
There is no doubt that Andhra Pradesh is the leader when it comes to tapping the natural resources for energy. Here’s hoping that the state continues to top these charts for years to come and makes more additions to its wind power capacity.



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