Andhra Pradesh’s Secret Backwaters In Guntur

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If you thought that Kerala was the only eventual destination to enjoy scenic backwaters, here’s some interesting update. Andhra Pradesh has a secret backwater getaway that only few adventure geeks know about.

The backwaters on the coast of Nizampatnam in Guntur district are nothing short of nature’s awe. The travel lovers can now take a boat ride on these backwaters where the Krishna river meets the sea. The experience is nothing short of a ride along the rain forests in Amazon!

This getaway is tucked away in the southern part of Krishna delta. Nizampatnam is a central point, adjoining Krishna Delta with the sea. The place also has a fishing harbour. To experience the delight of natural serenity, one can simply borrow a fishing boat and ride along. Groups of travelers and adventure seekers are often seen taking a lengthy boat ride from Nakshatra Nagar and Kothapalem.

Folks say that a ride along mangrove forests on either side of backwaters is a terrific experience, particularly in the winter season. A variety of sea gulls have also been spotted swooping on the shallow backwaters. The tourists can catch a glimpse of fishermen’s life as they transgress these waters.

The Nizampatnam backwaters open into the sea and locals say that there are two different tides, one each in the morning and in the afternoon. The tourists are often recommended to take the morning ride.

AP Tourism is yet to develop this point for a proper tourist attraction providing the required facilities. Usually, the local fishermen are friendly folk and take the tourists on their boats for a reasonable price.

Nizampatnam village is a tiny hamlet that has seen some momentous history in the past. It was once a flourishing port in 12-13th century AD under the reign of Velanati Cholas. The kings  ruled these parts with Dhanadapura as their capital.

How To Get Here

Tourists can take the Guntur-Bapatla-Chirala (GBC) Road that’s on the right of Kolkata-Chennai National Highway at Budampadu village. After reaching Ponnur, travelllers have to divert left from the Island centre. They will have to cross Chandolu, a road along the Nizampatnam canal and that leads right into the village.



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