Andhra Pradesh, The Next Sweden?

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Lately, I have been reading up a lot deal on the logical and frustrated Indian web spaces of the world. There is so much to be imbibed, I thought. Given that I usually make that audacious move to compare few aspects of the prospering economies with the new state of Andhra Pradesh, here’s what I had bumped into within the ongoing information explosion.

The new state of Andhra Pradesh is already on the path to progression. Not technologically, but in every aspect. This ‘inference’ was substantiated with what Sweden has been following to manage the garbage disposal in such a methodical manner. In fact, Andhra is slowly picking up on this recycling revolution. Plans of the state government to concentrate heavily on effective waste management practices is a living testimonial of facts.

Sweden has already achieved its pinnacle with the “recycling revolution”. The country’s record with garbage reduction stands at a mere one percent. Scandinavians have zero waste to shove under their carpets. The waste management system of the Swedish has made it to the level where the country actually ‘imports’ crap from the other economies like UK, Italy, Norway and Ireland!! Can you beat that?

Plus, Sweden has been doing this for five years in a row.

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri N Chandrababu Naidu now displays emulating such best practices from the world in the areas of solid waste management to put them into practice. There is a plenty of work that is still remaining to be done. But the fact that AP is already on the move to achieve its individual goals with respect to efficient waste management and compliance with the nation’s Swachh Bharat’s initiative is totally commendable.

Some interesting facts about how Sweden deals with the daily shit. Going by the specs, the per head annual production of waste by a Swede is 461 kg, a number  just below an average half a ton. The country also implements a controversial technique of incinerating over two million tons of trash per year, where half the nation’s crap is converted into sustainable energy. This in turn minimizes the presence of conventional dump sites.

This is precisely what the CM aims to achieve for the clean and green AP. Waste to energy plants that work their way to convert garbage into energy. The recent plans to establish India’s second largest waste to energy plant at Guntur is an addition to pave the way ahead in the lines same as those of developed countries.

The next time you hear about Mr Naidu going on and on about waste management, putting everything aside (that includes state welfare schemes and technology parks), pay close attention. You are looking at a possible revamped Andhra Pradesh that will set the next example for the entire world.



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