Andhra Pradesh – India’s Most Promising Start Up

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“The Power of Broke is all about taking that shot” – Daymond John, The Power of Broke

This is the land of fertile opulence. Andhra Pradesh, the magnificent fount of richness and grandeur now fights one of the toughest battles in its history – a complete rebuild from the scratch. There are no choices here, only tactical moves and their right execution. The state which epitomises and presents the best of brains, visionaries and king makers now returns to strut the saga from the ground up. The city of palatial heritage and culture is now at its youngest phase – the one that of a start-up.

Last two years practically showcase what the state was all about and what it condescends to achieve ahead. To sum it all up, the land of power, valour and resourcefulness has played to its fullest ability, to become India’s most promising start up today.

Dissecting one action point after the other, here are some outcomes that the state had achieved, echoing planning, independence in thought and futuristic leadership.

Capital with NO Capital

Yes, the new state of Andhra was left without a capital city. Most start-ups’ look at bootstrapping some form or the other, but the struggle was beyond that. The state went ahead on its own, travelling like an entrepreneur and attracting investors to build a new capital city for itself. Amaravati is still the name in question and doubt, but AP is not backing down. After some of the most successful liaisons with investors in the far east, AP has managed to bring in wealth generation and innovative kick offs. The capital city is in the progress with capital brought in from foreign players. First sign of entrepreneurship this, the state had exemplified true meaning of what it takes to be a businessman who is broke and is hungry to make things work.

Number TWO in Ease of Business

Capital or not, Andhra Pradesh wowed the world with stats and estimates coming down from the World Bank itself. Against all odds, the state became number two in ease of doing business, ranking buoyantly among aspiring leaders with an overall implementation status between 50 and 75 percent. A huge leap from the scratch, the ease of doing business had not only shown the world what the region is capable of, but also gained due momentum and traction from other investors around India and the world.

Power Play in Strategy – Attracts 3rd Highest FDI

The most important quality of a startup had been put forth when the state rose to rank number 3 in attracting foreign direct investments. Call it the irony or making full use of opportunity, AP drew in foreign direct investments of 6.1 billion dollars in a record time of one year.

Tapping the Nation Wide Movement – Make in India

AP became one of the prime states to join hands with India’s Make in India initiative, pulling in brands like Xiaomi and Isuzu to the sprawling Sri City plant. Make in India had become a ground reality, with more players still approaching the government to manufacture products both at Sri City at the Electronic hub in Tirupati. Two years down the line, the start-up called Andhra looks back and smiles at the agonies. Most of them have now been turned largely into favourable catalysts.

Jumping into Action – River Interlinking

Perhaps one of the biggest milestone ever achieved for the state, river interlinking went on become a game changer for the farmers and the citizens, when water from Godavari joined Krishna to address the hassles prevailing since decades.

We Are Building, Come Do Business with Us

It’s not enough to pitch, it is very important to sell what you’ve got! AP startup cashed in on the strengths and did away with the weaknesses that were known globally. The state managed to put its best foot forward, telling the world that push comes to shove, deliverables are vouched for. The extensive marketing done with every investor who had either walked into the premises or had made the contact (or not), worked well in favour of the state.

Investing on the ‘Power of Broke’

Going by the book of Shark Daymond John, AP is everything a promising startup is and does – understanding and exploiting the ‘Power of Broke’ to its fullest measure. Empty pockets, sinking alliances and diminishing means are not going to stop the state from looking ahead and planning beyond. Innovation and plan B are always in the strategy, clearly.

There is no dearth of opportunity for the one who seeks in full force. What was nothingness two years ago has begun to fill up, in the form of meaningful collaborations, productive initiatives and futuristic envisioning. AP, India’s most promising startup welcomes investors, large and small, to do business. The level of commitment and effort continues to grow on an exponential measure.



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