Andhra Pradesh – A ‘Young Start Up’ With Raging Blood

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For a region that is in a bit of rush with progressive vision and approach, a lot depends on the strategic decisions made on the table towards its future. Andhra Pradesh, the land of high thinking and historic moral high ground and a legion of dynasties, is presently seeing an interesting march. Needless to say, the bifurcation of AP and Telangana left some individual voids to fill. While Andhra is yet to see the rise of its new capital city Amaravati, the state is also busy attracting investments showcasing two very important factors; nature rich resources and the brand name called CBN, with all his past glory of accomplishments and global reach.

It has to be agreed that for a start over, acquiring the reputation of a ‘mobile manufacturing hub’ is a milestone of sorts. AP has achieved that and more, that too in a quick span of one year. The Chief Minister Sri N Chandrababu Naidu is on the crusade to establish the state into the league of top players. Nothing mediocre here. What comes a highlight is the kind of decisions made attracting the investments into the fount.

For Andhra Pradesh, the game is almost now like that of a promising start up. Pitching viable ideas, explaining the scope, listing past achievements and on boarding an investor. All this led by a smart thinking politician in the front row. While a lot is yet to be done, in the area of sustaining and settling consistent economic dynamics, Andhra is playing a smart game, taking in all it can.

This is the first quality of any viable start up. Attract the investors and clients of all sizes and forms. Andhra for one is not taking it lying down with small stakes. The state is headed the right path of development and growth, inviting and accepting funding and investments alike from all corners and sizes. While the expedition to expand the global portfolio is ongoing, the CM is also willingly letting in the interested parties of all gamuts to come in and open their shop.

What started out as a grand breakthrough with the likes of electronic giants investing into the state is soon transcending, cutting across the verticals. In a span of 12 months, AP has a sizable number of MoUs signed with investors hailing from all verticals – manufacturing, education, service, technology, defence, electronic and retail. A great way to actually plan for re-establishing the magnanimity of the land as such.

AP’s fine ability to cash in on the existing strengths and scopes and converting them into lucrative business prospects – the outcome is directly on its people in terms of both employment generation and revenue. Naidu’s ‘killing two birds with one shot’ idea is being easily conceptualized and executed in the prevailing circumstances. This will go a long way, indeed, especially with the state’s enthusiasm is bubbling as high as any potential start up.

This is a new sunrise for Andhra Pradesh. New avenues and promising ventures that may not be foreseen by many as of now. But AP Govt’s carefully executed business moves will go a long way in rekindling the mighty glory of AP as a regal state and the hub of business and trade.

The fine balance of investors, proposals, plans and continued turnarounds are bound to pay off if maintained in the same pace. Andhra Pradesh’s goal to become of the top line players in terms of economic abundance and revenue is not far off, if the blood keeps boiling like that of a start up entrepreneur.




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