Andhra Needs to Walk With Its Leader, Now More Than Ever

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We are a democracy that has always demonstrated extreme tolerance levels – against the Muslim invasion, against the 200 year old British Raj and another century of corrupt rule and oppression. We have a great appetite for putting up with the turmoil, and winning over it. The country of kings and kingmakers has always walked the path of struggle and the eventual victory. When it comes to the matters of nascent Andhra Pradesh, the people here flaunt an unquestionable legacy – ruled by the likes of Satavahanas and preserved their rich culture and heritage against many ordeals.

Perhaps these are the troubled times for the people of Andhra – forceful decision of the divided state, lack of resources, a certain fight from the scratch. This is precisely the time when they should remember what their legacy truly is – they are a DNA make of earth shattering resilience, grit and determination. Why does it not surprise most others when some of their own make it big across the world – expanding businesses, infrastructures, excelling at sport and creating record breaking history in movie making. It is because of their very own physical and mental composition of tenacity, strategy and fighting against all odds.

Then why is it that the people of the great Sunrise State are now falling apart? What is to be fetched, taking sides that are divided by castes and not united in spirit. What can possibly be the outcome when people resort to taking to the streets and disrupting the to be world famous investment destination of the state? What is to be gained, blindly following those who crave for power instead of prosperity or those who are not still in a position to make calibrated political and people decisions?

What is to be gained by engaging in a la Jallikattu style and attacking the center for special grants? Have they not understood the budget allocations that came by as part of the package? Have they not compared the differences? Are they chasing the government for retaining a bull sport? This is clearly a bigger manifesto that needs tackling with clarity and thought. If this were a bull fight coming down from the generations, there is a logic and reason to even attempt such a masquerade. But this, this move is about the future of one state, and the generations that are to follow. When the leader is doing everything he can to bring more investments into the state, it is the responsibility of the people to back such an approach. For there are no better alternatives. There is no time to second guess every investment or proposal that comes their way. The time is ticking and lot of work still remains. The state that is recovering from a severe blow now needs streamlined planning and execution, rather than a beach side random mass menace.

The time has come when the people have to try and walk the path along with the leader – the one who was chosen by the majority and who is trying his mighty best to build the fallen ground from the soil. People should make a wiser choice and stay back inside their homes in peace, even if they are not making any difference by contributing to the state. Not being a part of the planned chaos, the people of Andhra will still make a great difference.

Wake up and understand what you are truly made of, folks. This is not a war with bulls. This is a war against one bad decision and battle that one man goes to everyday, to clean up the muck and recreate the Sunrise State. Stop indulging in petty caste camps, getting into meaningless feuds, you are tainting your own great legacy.




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