And Why Can’t Charmi Cry?!!

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The news of Charmi crying at the IIFA is all over the news. “Oh Why? Oh Why? Oh Why did Charmi Cry?” wonder the movie goers who simply cannot subdue their typical curiosity. Charmi is an actress. Check. She’s hot. Check. She shakes her booty right. Check. She laughs loudly. Check. Charmi cried at the awards ceremony. Ouuu..!!
Lives of actresses are such. They are either struggling or successful, but the fact remains the same – they are not supposed to cry. Or tie a rope around their neck and hang from a ceiling. Or love somebody from their heart. In this great mean world, living a life as an actress is nothing short of drama. And why shouldn’t it be? While we put meagre salaries on one side and compare theirs on the other, the actors are rock solidly sustaining. And enjoying luxuriously. So why take the brunt of an Aam Aadmi misery? Who cares for the frigging feelings when everything can be bought over a single swipe – a take home boy toy and feelings included?

No, the shock isn’t over yet. The bigger shock was when the new age internet publishers went on attach ‘DSP’, ‘DSP Father’, and ‘Charmi-DSP affair’ as their keywords on the back end. Holly molly this. The actress actually vented emotions as she saw DSP perform on stage for a song from the film Nannaku Prematho as a dedication to his late father. Charmi shares a warm bonding and had actually been with DSP and his family at the time of grief. The girl is also battling tough times with no films or item numbers. The woman who breaks millions of hearts doing Sakkubai on screen with Nag might actually be healing a wounded heart. A girl who laughs loudly and most times does not care for what the onlookers think, does she have to shy away from the cameras to shed some genuine tears?

This constant dissection of celebrities and their private lives, zooming in on their curves when bending accidentally, reading between their monosyllables – these things sure may not stop out of nowhere. Hell, even Hollywood does not escape the wrath of the paparazzi and stalkers. We may actually need a whole new complete revolution for the ‘end’ to happen. No wonder that families of good looking Telugu speaking girls who are ‘educated’ and ‘mannered’ are not sent into the film industry. “Honey, you go there and a pack of wolves are waiting to tear you apart”. What about the societal hounds who never stop?

Item songs or not. Our leading ladies carry around their choices of lifestyle. What continues to stay amazing is the laid back mind set of people to ‘discuss’ their sensitive moments. In this Googled ranked era of trending entertainment content, Charmi is nothing but a chunky topic that has to be written about with sufficient back end optimization doubled up. We will do a favour and excuse ourselves from that part. Gladly so.

Oh wait! And no back end to their lives, we suppose.



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