An Open Letter To The NRIs Who Are Discussing ‘India’s Tolerance’

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All the Sharma Jis, Gupta Ji s and Reddy Ji s, who have migrated to other super power countries and flourishing, we are very happy for you. I’m sure the NRI guys have a lot to feel for this country as much as those who are actually living here. Feeling rather sorry for the state of affairs here, right? You have clearly made the ‘wiser decision’ to move out, while here the rest of us are, fighting and thriving. Hearty congratulations on the ‘better’ amenities, high end cars and long paid paternity leaves. We couldn’t be happier for you all.

The non-residential confused ‘patriotic’ Indians have taken the world by storm on social media, discussing India, its politics and it’s ever failing strategy. We are so not surprised, they opined and said,  ‘Thank God we have made a right decision to move out, at the right time’. Dude, who wants to live in an intolerant country?’ Great debates must be waging across your ‘Thanksgiving’ dinner table, with your ex pat friends, about how India with such a great potential has miserably failed despite changing governance. “Nothing can be done about our country” they feel so sad that their favorite superstar has been blatantly attacked for expressing the same feeling, over the last few days.

People who have already proved their tolerance and moved out decades ago. Seriously, where do you stand, discussing as to what is right for India? You may continue to watch Indian films and cheer for the National cricket team, and make Desi dishes to enthrall your Poren audience. You are welcome to do all that. But don’t you think you have lost your ground to speak for the so called ‘welfare of India’ while serving other economies?

It is quite amazing to see the Indian Babus who have settled in the Videshi lanes talk about secularism, communal intolerance, non safety of the women and the like. There would have been more meaning and reasoning to your discussions, if you were actually still here and were taking a stand against all the adversities. But make no mistake, you guys are not in India anymore. In fact, you are a nobody in a foreign land, propelling negative vibes towards your own country, proving your worth at the end of the day.

It is this category of ‘non relenting Indians’ who motivate the great Danny Boyles and the like who showcase India as a ‘slum dog’ to a millionaire. The fact that India continues to be perceived as ‘living in the dirt’ despite its progressive tide and development. We are never looked at beyond the lanes of Dharavi, thanks to our brothers and sisters who make the country’s tolerance levels a major point of debate over their weekend pot luck. This democracy has survived the worst, and will continue to do so.

We wish you all a very happy life, in your expansive condos and greener yards with cleaner water and healthier air. You can continue to taunt India in front of the world and the social media, but be reminded that there will be collective targeting at your own motherland, and you will not spared of the same either.

Please continue to have your prolonged banter over dinner about the great Indian tolerance. We are sure your ex pat friends are more than happy to dig in on the dope as a side to the main Indian authentic dishes. Feel absolutely free to make a laughing stock of yourself and your country. India will tolerate that too.

As for the rest of us here, we shall continue our lives while you continue with the hypocrisy. Make no mistake, we will always ‘feel safe’ here, and like the owners of our own land. Few rupees less here and there in terms of exchange value, but hey, we get to keep both our dignity and self-respect. Also, we are glad to hear from the ‘non Indians’ who are also going viral on the social media, explaining to the world that they live in India and the country is, indeed a very tolerant nation!

Jai Hind.



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