“Amazed At The Start Ups At Sunrise Village” – CM’s Personal Note

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AS the five start ups see a new sunrise with Vizag’s Start-up Village, Chief Minister Sri N Chandrababu Naidu shares his own personal thoughts and delight at the grand development. The CM is hopeful and confident that this is the first step towards a major leap ahead for Andhra Pradesh.

CM N Chandrababu Naidu’s Personal Note

I have always believed that building a better business has a lot to do with building the right team. When I see people working around innovation, I continue to be amazed at those I encounter as they make a positive impact on the world around them.

I’m not surprised at their desire. I’m more amazed at the way they approach tackling their visions to make them reality. What they all seem to discover is that they need a way to build what they want. Often, that discovering is aligned with the recognition that start-ups are a people business.

This is exactly what we intend to do at the Sunrise Start-up Village in Vizag. The Start-up Village has been in operations for over a year and has incubated several interesting start-ups.

This Incubator has provided the right ecosystem for start-ups which want to make their ideas into reality by building networks and collaborating with others. The Vizag Start-up Village realises the need to build liquid networks inside an incubator so that ideas easily flow in and great products are formed.

With this initiative, the Start-up Village will play a crucial role in making them efficient and scaling these startups through mentoring, investor and partner connects.

I’m glad that 5 start-ups from the Sunrise Start-up Village have launched their products recently.

They are: 1) ‘Bowmen’, the first 3D game developed in Visakhapatnam by The Red and Black; 2) a mobile application by ‘Quick Pebbles’ which focuses on providing housing repair services connecting people to technicians; 3) ‘Hunt’ a business-to-business platform product for sales managers and executives designed by Epic Soft; 4) ‘Unihalt parent’ a biometric and technology-based product by Unihalt, which helps parents to keep a tab on their children’s attendance at school and provides other details regarding educational institutions; 5) ‘Page for promotion’ for promotions of hotels, restaurants, other companies on Facebook by Melon Studios.

I have also learnt that Quick Pebbles is the first among the dozen start-ups in the Start-up Village to receive funding. The company has received a sum of Rs.20 lakh from a businessmen from Dubai and native of Visakhapatnam.

My hearty congratulations to these start-ups and I hope that the Start-up Village will facilitate and create an ecosystem for many more start-ups to grow and prosper.

I would also like to inform you that Start-up Village is also looking at a Launchpad that will be replicated onto the web where start-ups which solely want to launch on the web shall have all the required networking through great start-up communities.

Through this post, I encourage youngsters to discover your interests in career and pursue it with passion and determination. Entrepreneurship can be personally rewarding and good for the economy.

I see start-ups as growth engines which have the potential to create millions of jobs in the future. And for policymakers, encouraging dynamic new ventures is smart economic strategy. This can help us improve the prospects for a sustained economy.



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