Amaravati Rising – Holistic Urban Sustainability Framework

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Mission Amaravati is making steady progress. Brick by brick, the state is headed towards building its capital city. Amaravati, the people’s capital has been envisioned with a goal of becoming India’s finest modern and global cities. Every aspect of planning is loaded with pre meditated progress. While environment, socio-economic governance and architecture are vital aspects, urban planning is not far behind.

A detailed urban sustainability and vision is in place for Amaravati. Key parameters such as urban framework, bench marking and comparison have already been laid out, all practical in nature.

Amaravati’s Urban Framework – A Clear Cut Targeted Approach

The urban framework for Dharanikota, the people’s champion has been laid out keeping in mind 6 very specific sustainability areas. The plan has been developed after examining the past planning exercises. Urban planners have taken into consideration the below key areas as six vital parameters for laying down the framework:

Capacity & Economies

– Jobs
– Investment
– Connectivity

Housing & Community and Heritage and Culture

– Lifestyle
– Heritage and Culture

Energy and Resources and Nature

– Clean and Green
– Agriculture
– Nature

Identification of Challenges and KPIs

All the six vital elements have been dissected and distinguished into two parts – existing conditions and potential and then the relevant key performance indicators (KPIs)

The nature of the analysis boils down to the below:

Creating and sustaining jobs
Attracting global investments on to the greenfield site
Housing provisions for all income groups
Preservation of nature and sustenance of agriculture
Effective flood management, as the capital region is prone to floods.
Conservation of rich heritage by way of developing heritage tourism circuit that connects all the key sites

High quality framework for pleasant living conditions

The urban sustainability of Amaravati aims primarily at designing and executing pleasant living conditions for both locals and the settlers. Quality living, identity of culture, effective resource management and clean and green environment are kept high on priority. The state government aspires to create jobs and homes for all, while building world class infrastructure that sets the tone for other cities as a development index.

Strategies for World Class Infrastructure

World class transport for capital city and the region

World class airport

Long term 2050 corridor and reserve transit corridors

Highly efficient and connected road network

High speed railway

Easy transfer access between all transport modes

Jobs and Homes for All

Creation of high value added agro based industries

Skill upgrading for the existing dwellers

Promote home ownership

Pleasant and affordable housing

Slum free city

Phased planning of industrial growth

With a detailed conceptualized framework in mind, the urban planners are at work, making the design and format into ah much required reality.



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