Amaravati Rising – 12 Cities, Towns and Villages in The Capital Region

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The new capital region of Amaravati will see the rise of 12 cities, towns and villages. The progression for these landmarks will be phenomenal in the coming days. Do you know what they are?

The Terrific 12 – Cities, Towns And Villages In The New Capital Region

While most of us are aware of majority of these regions, let us take a look at the 12 landmarks that will become super important in the coming days for AP.


vijaya Amaravati Rising - 12 Cities, Towns and Villages in The Capital Region

Bezawada Night View

1. Vijayawada

Perhaps the largest city in the capital region, folks funnily refer to Vijayawada as New Jersey and Amaravati as the new Manhattan!! Vijayawada has been a major hub of all business, economic and commercial activities in the zone, proving to be a massive trading point, transport node and a prime seat of education. The population within the city has increased three fold in the past three decades. This is primarily due to the ever growing migrant population incoming from the rural areas.

2. Guntur

The second largest city only next to Vijayawada, Guntur is also a crucial marketing point for crops like tobacco, chilli and cotton. It is also an important educational destination for the college goers. Guntur has been widely active in the commercial space for the industries that operate into rice, pulses and oil seeds. Economic dynamics are also decently heavy with tourism points.

3. Tenali

The third largest city would be Tenali. The city also serves as an important base for commercial and transport activities. Nourished with great agricultural expanse, Tenali also markets important agricultural products. Popular for rice mills, paddy mills, dairy and processing units.

4. Nuzvid

Called as an important fort city with historic connect, Nuzvid resonates among the Mango lovers. The city’s mangoes are world popular with rich quality and are exported across seven continents. A prime seat of agriculture, Nuzvid is also an educational center with many public schools and a IIIT campus.


konda Amaravati Rising - 12 Cities, Towns and Villages in The Capital Region

The famous Kondapalli Toys

5. Gudivada

Also popularly known as a temple town, Gudivada is a Mandal headquarter with more than 100,000 inhabitants! A prime junction for cities like Vijayawada, Machilipatnam, Nuzvid and Eluru as well. Also widely known for historic Buddhist Stupas, Jain relics and temples, Gudivada acts as a ground of fertile land for paddy cultivation mainly.

6. Sattenapalle

Located 35 kms away from Guntur, Sattenapalle is now slowly evolving into one of the main business hubs. Plans are on to set up two Hydel thermal power projects and one mini thermal plant soon. The town also has many schools and colleges.

7. Vuyyuru

Flaunting rich fertile lands and heavy agriculture base, Vuyyuru is always a hubbub of massive farming activities. The town is backed by a good irrigation system in place. Nation’s biggest brand, KCP sugar factory is located here. There are educational centers and temples within the town as well.

8. Kondapalli

Located 20 kms from Vijayawada, Kondapalli is known widely for its famous wooden toys, Kondapalli Bommalu. The census town is also a tourist destination for its rich reserve forest, fort and a massive industrial hub into bottling, oil storage and power plants. Kondapalli is well connected with efficient railway lines.

9. Ibrahimpatnam

Located at 17 kms from Vijayawada, Ibrahimpatnam is a super busy point as it has Dr Narla Tata Rao Thermal Power Station, Railway Wagon workshop at Rayanapadu, educational institutions and residential quarters for power plan employees.

10. Gannavaram

Now, almost everybody knows about the Gannavaram airport, soon to become the new capital city’s busy airport. Gannavaram is a town with an interesting war touch. The present airport was actually a world war II Army airfield back in the day! Soon to become one of the biggest international airports, positively.


tadepalli Amaravati Rising - 12 Cities, Towns and Villages in The Capital Region

Nurseries in Tadepalli

11. Gollapudi

Gollapudi is called as a ‘Gateway of Vijayawada’. This is because of its close proximity to NH5 and the presence of industrial base at Rayanapadu. Gollapudi may look small among the big leads above but harnesses a great potential to sponge in the demographic and economic pressures of ever rising swarming Bezawada.

12. Tadepalli

A typical farm town, Tadepalli is a leading supplier of vegetables, fruit and all farming products to Vijayawada. Three villages in its vicinity – Undavalli, Penumaka and Kolanakonda are noted for their historical importance.




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