Amaravati – It’s Not Our Dream, It’s Our DESTINY!!

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The time has come. Amaravati, the colossal Andhra Nagari is set to rise like a phoenix from the shackles of the oblivion, one more time as a capital city. The once anciently flourished capital during the reign of the mighty Satavahanas in the era of 2nd and 3rd century will ascend once again. Hibernating soul of Dharanikota had been impulsively woken up to meet the need of the hour.

As the name Amaravati literally translates to a ‘Town That Lives On’, this moment of reprisal is beyond destiny. It is a wake-up call for all the people of Andhra origin to come together and contribute for the building of the new age Capital City, destined to become a future global hub.

Buddha14-1 Amaravati - It's Not Our Dream, It's Our DESTINY!!

Time comes and goes, civilizations rise and fall, and human livelihood sustains – all this was never a day’s work even for the God. To build a future capital city of the new state of Andhra Pradesh, we need more than able and agile political leaders; people of Andhra who are more forceful than the sum total of all the governance put together. The million dollar question remains – Are we doing enough?

To understand the regal history of Amaravati takes more heart than mere text book research. The vast frame of land in Andhra that saw the rulers in the likes of Ikshvakus and Pallavas take over from Satavahanas; had endured more than just defeat and plunder. Amaravati shone time and again to fight the trials and tribulations. The ancient capital saw the Telugu Cholas and Eatern Chalukyas ultimately take over during the medieval times. Perhaps it would be more than poetic to infer the presence of powerfully divine Buddhist Stupas and the blessings of Lord Shiva to stand the test of times.

Buddha5-11 Amaravati - It's Not Our Dream, It's Our DESTINY!!

The land of Amaravati – Rose against time and tide

Our motherland now needs more power and resilience than ever. The hour of trial is here for the newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh, to lift itself from the scratch and start rebuilding destiny of the present and the future. Dreams and aspirations to create one of the largest global advanced and stylish cities will not be a mere myth – only when we join hands and take part in the historic creation of the brand new Amaravati city.

Amaravathi-capital-city-plan-image-2 Amaravati - It's Not Our Dream, It's Our DESTINY!!

The stretch of Amaravati that will recreate history. Are you ready to be a part of it?

Amaravati Calls Out To the People of Andhra – Here, There and Everywhere..

Fear and Angst – Please Leave!!

“What can I do? Better yet, let him do this”, “This seems impossible” “This does not look doable”. These statements reflect inner fear and not the future fortune telling. Its time now to shake away the confusion, doubt and fear. The time had come to envision and make success happen for our state.

Governance and Efficient Master Plan – The New Hope

The new plans to rebuild Amaravati as a global destination have been concretely planned out by the current governance. This is the very same governance that built a hi tech city in a forgettable village around 14 years ago. When it was done once, there is every chance that it will be done again. The master plan of the future capital city of Andhra Pradesh signifies the beginning of new age Andhra Empire. Formed and established for the rest of the world to see. The governance in the current scheme of tidings needs cooperation from people to come forward and be a part of the movement, not against it.

Whatever we build, let us build together

join-hands Amaravati - It's Not Our Dream, It's Our DESTINY!!

Together, We CAN!!

Unity of Mind, Thought and Action – Your Choice

What remains to be a personal responsibility of every citizen is give complete assistance in the process of establishing the state. This cannot be done with hypocritical and negative mind-sets. Amaravati calls in for unison of thought, act and deed. There is nothing not possible if we have the willingness to work together. Great battles have been fought and won with unity and brotherhood. Not backstabbing and complaints.

We are riding the crucial wave of progression, walking a thin line in the wake of adversity. All our historic kings and leaders would have wanted us to work towards the formation of new state of Andhra with unrelenting unity and perseverance.

jpg Amaravati - It's Not Our Dream, It's Our DESTINY!!

The future envisioning of Amaravati is a sum total effort of progressive minds


Progressive Thinkers and Minds – Distance is the State of Mind

The state and the new capital city of Andhra now want progressive thinkers and visionaries. If you are in the other part of the world, you are not away. You have more than ever opportunity now to stretch out and contribute towards your soil. After all, we owe it to our home for where we are today.

The pinnacle of success that you have seen and created for yourself across the seas, time has now come to create the same for your state. The new capital City of Amaravati will need the best of technology, resources and vision. You can be a part of this historic period that will be etched forever. The question is; are you willing to break the barriers and create a difference?

Recreate History – Your Responsibility

Amaravati has stood against the worst scenarios, saw the best of prosperity and had risen one more time to become the pillar of the new state. Recreating the history for a land means only one thing; things that were made to happen by the people of the land against all the resistance. Rebuilding the time honoured city lies completely in your hands. Are you ready to break away from the shambles of negative thought process and come join?

Amaravati – the dream and the destiny. Let us come together in this hour of trying times to make a difference. Better still – Be The Difference!!



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