The Agony and The Ecstasy of Innocent Assembly

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The new Assembly at Velagapudi smells of fresh paint and leather. The sense of achievement is definitely beyond words. Among the first of the structures that have entered the pages of history are the new Secretariat building and the amazing Assembly. The house of greatness may have started off with a striking appeal. What we wonder is all about what’s going on lately.

The agony and ecstasy of it – the last few days have been tad melodramatic inside the premises. We still have no clue as to why certain agendas have been picked up, but let’s get on with it. The opposition showcased some serious lack of preparedness in the recent times.

It is definitely awesome that people are on the ‘high’ of coming to the new assembly. But a little preparation could have definitely increased the value of the interiors. Instead, the innocent looking young new assembly is now being rampaged with ignorance, meaningless feuds and typical ugly fist fights.

We can but hope for the better proceedings – from discussing meaningful action points and accusing the government of sensible things. We can but hope for progressive contest and conquest. Let us just pray for more saner debates and conversations and less of petty street fights emulated right inside the magnificent structure.



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