AGK – The ‘Ad Legend’ from Andhra. A Tribute

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Some people get that with legacy. The rest of them work their way up to become legends. Mavericks who set timeless examples for the society across various fields. Indian advertising would have never been the same without him. The original ‘Mad Man’ who made all the big boys run in sweat with close competition. The man who envisioned MUDRA that changed the game for ad infomercials in the country. A big salute to AGK aka AG Krishnamurthy.

India’s greatest ad icon breathed his last yesterday. The entire ad world and creative nomads who tread his path deeply mourn this national loss. AGK was not just about passion, he was also about hard work and dedication that were evidenced through his life’s journey.

Born modestly into a family from Vinukonda in Guntur district, AGK created a milestone of sorts for the dreamers who are afraid to chase their aspirations. Mr Krishnamurthy started his journey as a humble stenographer to rise and become one of the country’s biggest names in the world of advertising.

AGK’s journey is an inspiration in itself. Mudra did not happen overnight or immediately. The brand is a fruition of a single man’s journey, a visionary who kept going against all the odds.

AGK Success Story – From ‘Ground’ to ‘Ground Breaking’

Young Krishnamurthy believed in perseverance and unrelenting spirit. He began his career as a stenographer with the Archaeological Survey of India in 1960. His salary was Rs 147 at that time. In 1962, he moved on to work with the Madras Port Museum as a UDC. He transitioned his movement with a brief stint at Hyderabad in 1967 and relocated to Ahmedabad a year later. AGK then founded a company, Shilpi in 1972. His company focussed strictly on advertising. After making quite a stir, AGK went on to work with Reliance as an advertising manager.

Shift happened when Mr Krishnamurthy founded MUDRA in the March of 1980. He ventured out to start the company with a mere thirty five thousand rupees as the initial capital. In a span of 9 years, Mudra became India’s largest advertising agency. There was no looking back ever since. AGK had successfully rewritten the fate of Indian advertising in classic bold.

AGK Sir simply did not stop there. The man who could have taken world tours and slipped away fishing continued with his passion. He founded MICA (Mudra Institute of Communication) in 1991.

Telling his story to the world

AGK released his autobiography on 29th April 2013. His book, “If You Can Dream..” is a compilation of emotional and factual recounts which were the big bases of foundation for his major entities.

A man who never settled for ‘mediocre’ Late AGK sir had indeed set an ultimate example for all the creative dreamers in India and the world. “Chase your passion and never compromise with quality”

KostaLife pays heartfelt tribute to this great man.






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