Aaja Sanam, Madhur Chandni Mein Hum.. Jaya Sang and Gave a New Meaning To It

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A long gone moment that will be eternally cherished. Late CM of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa shared some candid chat with Simi Garewal on TV. What was once a simple repartee of two women exchanging emotions has now turned out to be a history making video. Jayalalithaa sang in the show, after Garewal repeatedly imploring her to do so.

“Aaja Sanam, Madhur Chandni Mein Hum..”

Jaya sang the song so beautifully on the show that she brought a whole new charisma to the song itself. The usually agile, reserved and focussed leader of the masses showed her subtle feminist side, crooning few lines.

Jayalalithaa will always remain immortal in the hearts of her millions of followers and fans. Talented actress, veteran performer and a seasoned kingmaker of Indian politics, it would be hard to say that there would another Jayalalithaa in the making, ever.

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