665 MoUs Worth Rs 10.54 Trillion, A Promising Step Up for Andhra Pradesh

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665 MoUs were signed in total, fetching an investment total of a whopping Rs 10.54 trillion.

The output derived from the two day CII partnership summit is set to have massive long term ramifications – all directed towards progress and prospects. 665 MoUs were signed in total, fetching an investment total of a whopping Rs 10.54 trillion. This is a big leap for the Sunrise State, welcoming outstanding economic dynamics and an employment potential of close to 23 lakh people.

The summit this year has exceeded all expectations, putting the city of Vizag and the state on a totally different pedestal. The delegates and the dignitaries were left with an impressionable opinion about the state that is thriving with limited resources and yet displaying great results. CM is satisfied to have concluded the summit after having done a ‘big business’

There is a lot in promise for the state in the form of what is to arrive. Mind blowing big ticket sign ups in the areas of tech, infrastructure and energy pave the way for great beginnings. 14 MoUs into infrastructure and Township Development alone amount to a staggering Rs 40,660 Cr, while the 62 MoUs signed by the AP CRDA value at Rs 1,24,532 Cr. Close to 66 MoUs that were signed by the Economic Development Board (EDB) total at Rs 3,62, 662 Cr

The highlight this summit is the record figure that had been achieved in the Energy and industry sectors. Rs 2 trillion alone for these sectors, while roads and buildings saw tie ups bringing in investments worth Rs 73, 970 Cr

CM N Chandrababu Naidu is one happy man. He shared the numbers with the press, expressing that the response this year has been excellent, as compared to the previous. He is positive that next year, things will look even better.

The CM has got into super action mode, chasing for file clearance within 14 days for many sectors. The state flaunts a terrific expanse of 35,000 acres that can accommodate all the new facilities signed up for.

In totality, the state has received 935 proposals valuing Rs 5.03 trillion. So far, 659 projects worth Rs 2.82 trillion have already been cleared, leading to high conversion rate. Oil and gas from the petroleum ministry fetched Rs 1.43 trillion investment.

The Sunrise State looks ahead towards happiness index, exponential growth and speedy execution of the projects signed up with.



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