6 Proofs That Hyderabadis Still Love Andhra

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Few things are beyond politics – feelings, for example. United Andhra Pradesh may be a matter of fiction today, but for most of us, Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh are synonymous as a single identity. This feeling is completely non political, void of logic and solely based on most of our own individual experiences and upbringing in Hyderabad for over years. Most of us may or may not have roots in Andhra, but a part of it has already rubbed on to us.

The two separate states of Andhra and Telangana are on their way to achieve newer heights, and we wish them well. For some of us, the treasures of Andhra Pradesh conjoined will stay in hearts, sealed forever.

Making a call to Vizag from Hyderabad now may most likely count as a bizarre conversation between two states. However, there are few things that remain unaltered to the genesis of it – Hyderabadi connect that can never be quivered from Andhra.

Many of our brothers and sisters hailing from Andhra have left us some treasured impressions back here – starting from the delicious food and heritage to infrastructure and even accents. Andhra continues to reside here, right inside the heart of a Hyderabadi.

Okay now, turning the conversation on to a super lighter tone (let us not confuse the essence of this with the total chaos of strong opinions and outlooks). Here are six solid proofs that Hyderabad and Hyderabadis still love and miss Andhra Pradesh.

1. Chutneys Restaurant

Chutneys 6 Proofs That Hyderabadis Still Love Andhra

Come Friday and weekend, we flock to the famous Chutneys restaurant to have a dig at delicious Andhra style chutneys, upma pesarattus and steamed dosas. Chutneys is now spread out all over the twin cities. We just cant to head out to one of them. Atleast every alternate weekend.

2. GVK Mall

GVK-One 6 Proofs That Hyderabadis Still Love Andhra

Established by ace head of infrastructure conglomerate GVK, Gunupati Venkata Krishna Reddy, GVK One Mall is one of the most favorite hang out places in Hyderabad. People of all age groups simply love to flock to the GVK Mall every weekend (my guess, the place is packed all days of the week). Shopping, coffee, hang outs, dating, movies at INOX. So much fun for Hyderabadis to look forward to. To think of it, GVK hails from Kothur of Nellore District, Andhra. Thanks GVK!!

3. Apollo Hospitals

Apollo 6 Proofs That Hyderabadis Still Love Andhra

Together in sickness and health – the matrimonial vow sinks in well with Hyderabad and Andhra for one single reason – Apollo Hospitals. Founded by the iconic Prathap Reddy, Apollo is a trusted brand in healthcare services. Most of us Hyderabadis count on the specialized surgeons here. Apollo continues to heal and give hope to thousands of ailing souls every year. Reddy has his roots in Aragonda, a small village in Thavanampalle Mandal of Chittoor District.

4. Rayalaseema Ruchulu

Rayalaseema 6 Proofs That Hyderabadis Still Love Andhra

This is a serious business, away from watching that filmy ‘Seema Pourusham’ and the ‘flying Sumos’ nonsense in Telugu movies. Rayalaseema Ruchulu is a sought after eatery in Hyderabad and elsewhere in main metros of India. Some of our Hyderabadis absolutely bite their tongues to gorge on the authentic Seema food served here.

5. GMR International Airport, Shamshabad

RGIA 6 Proofs That Hyderabadis Still Love Andhra

To those of you who already know my Fangiri for Rao Garu, Mr GMR. The world class Rajiv Gandhi International Airport stands high and mighty on the plains of Shamshabad, showcasing the Nawabi City of Pearls in a completely different light to the entire world. To imagine that a simple businessman with roots in Andhra made this possible for all of us. Hyderabad thanks Mr Rao’s unrelenting dedication to make this become a reality.

6. Lepakshi Handicrafts Emporium

Lepakshi 6 Proofs That Hyderabadis Still Love Andhra

Almost every other home in Hyderabad will have some or other arty keepsake from the good old Lepakshi Emporium. And most of the arts that are showcased here have their roots in Andhra – be it the Kalamkari work or real to life Kondapalli Bommalu. We Hyderabadis continue to drool over these enchanting pieces.

The eternal connect between the City of Hyderabad and Andhra is here to stay. And how? Within the hearts of millions of people who still cannot separate two states and list things. Habits. We will try our best to adapt, but here is the thing..

Hyderabad Loves Andhra.




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