5 Things You Need to Know About Krishna Pushkarams

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The Indian subcontinent is nourished by a number of rivers. According to Indian mythology, each river is considered to be a mother who nurtures its banks and the people living near her. Every river is revered with a divine connect called Pushkarams.

Going with this belief, people started to worship rivers like Gods. This reverence for rivers was taken a step further with Pushkaram, which is a special festival that celebrates and worships rivers. With holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Kaveri, Krishna etc flowing in India, every river has its own Pushkaram dedicated to it.

River Krishna is an integral part of Andhra region, majorly flows through the coastal parts, parts of Telangana and Karnataka. In Andhra, people celebrate Krishna Pushkarams to worship the river god, Krishna. With this pious river festival just round the corner, here are some facts that you should know about Krishna Pushkarams.

Celebrated every 12 years for 12 days

Krishna Pushkaram, also known as Krishna Pushkaralu occurs once in 12 years. As per the astrological calculations. the time usually begins when Jupiter aka Brihaspati or Gurudu enters the zodiac sign Virgo or Kanya Raasi. During this period the festival commences, to be celebrated with full fervor for 12 days. Millions of people from all over India come to worship Krishna River during this time.

Holy Dip a Must

According to religious beliefs, the main ritual for the people flocking to be a part of Krishna Pushkaram is to take a holy dip in River Krishna. It is believed that taking a dip in the river would wash off all their sins.

Bathing Ghats across Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

The major celebrations of Krishna Pushkarams are mainly carried out on the Ghats of Krishna River in Vijayawada. Various Ghats are also being allocated for holy dip during Krishna Pushkarulu in states of Karnataka and Telangana, and the pilgrims can complete the rituals at the place that is most convenient to them. Some of the important Ghats for taking a holy dip during the river festival are Durga Ghat, Padmavathi Ghat, Pushkara Ghat, Shiva Kshetram and Metla Bazar in Vijawada; Sangameswaram and Patala Ganga in Kurnool and Raichur and Chikodi in Karnataka.

Important Poojas Conducted to Pacify Gods and Holy Spirits

Though holy dip in Krishna River is the main ritual during Krishna Pushkaram, there are a number of Poojas conducted on the banks of the river which are said to appease the Almighty and bring good luck. Many priests are present on the river bank to assist the pilgrims in completing these rituals. Some of the most important Poojas include Pindadaanam, Mahasankalpam, Laghusankalpam, Prayaschittam, Musivayanam, Ganga Pooja, Gouri Pooja etc.

No Weddings during Krishna Pushkaram

Though Krishna Pushkaram is a festival celebrated with lot of zest, astrologers recommend that auspicious events like marriages should be postponed during this period. They believe that when Jupiter enters Kanya Raasi, the stars are not in favor of a happy married life.

Last time, Krishna Pushkarams were held in 2004 and saw 30 million people participating in the festival. Authorities believe that the numbers are bound to increase this year. AP State Govt is not leaving any stone not turned to make this sacred event a gran success.



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