5 Things I Like About Pawan Kalyan, The Lone Warrior of Indian Politics

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When he founded a political party, Janasena, all eyes were on the fire brand called Pawan Kalyan. A revelation as foreseen by many, due to his straight arrowed approach and pure spirit raising angst. I am one of his many ardent followers, despite all the other cliché that surrounds his entry into the game of Rajakeeyam.

“He can’t play politics” said one, while another opined that “Pawan Kalyan has no guts to come out and talk on the burning issues”

Illemo dooram, asale cheekati, ghadandhakaram, daarantha gathukulu, chethilo deepam ledu. Kaani gundela ninda dhairyam undi…

Dhairyam Unda?

Power Star Pawan Kalyan gave one roaring speech on 14 March, 2014, when he launched the impactful logo and name of his party. He took the world and the opposition by storm, not sparing even the names in the political domain while voicing issues. This spurred a new ray of hope among the masses, especially when he addressed the meeting, while not leaving out his Mega brother’s political background and the respective side.

PK1 5 Things I Like About Pawan Kalyan, The Lone Warrior of Indian Politics

Moving the masses at his second public appearance in Vizag, 2014

And then, there were few amazing on stage renditions in parts of Andhra like Vizag and Tirupati, when he went on to give his shoulder to the NaMo campaign as well as Chandrababu Naidu. All for one good reason. To see that those who are a fitment in the current scheme of things won and were given a chance to serve.

Pawan Kalyan, the mere mortal. A man who looks at both sides of the coin, being criticized heavily for his point blank statements. He went into a serious quiet after the elections, making people wait for his next public appearance. Few called him a coward, and few others challenged his abilities. But here’s the thing. Pawan Kalyan speaks his mind or nothing at all.

The recent press meet after long contemplating saw the Power Star with a fan following in million address some very important issues. He spoke in a balanced tone, after much preparedness and backed with a sane script. However, the speech fell sore to many ears as he was seen as not taking a forceful one sided approach.

5 Important Issues Addressed In Act and Deed by Pawan Kalyan

Putting all the so called flaws and loopholes aside in the recent speech made by the star, here are five things that were strongly addressed to both the ruling parties and the masses, in the form of words and deeds.

  1. Healthy Peace Propagation

Pawan Kalyan took to healthy peace propagation, looking at the growing animosity between the two states. His sensible statements on how the masses are at the cost of coming to blows after the division of state made complete sense. He addressed the issue outright, affirming that such a hateful approach would not benefit either of the developing states in the making.

Pawan Kalyan took a sizable risk as an actor and a star, not considering the outcomes on his career post making strong and hard hitting remarks against few important ruling and opposition parties of the states and the country. This explains his larger than life magnitude to serve the purpose entering into the political arena.

PK2 5 Things I Like About Pawan Kalyan, The Lone Warrior of Indian Politics

Addressing a rally pre- elections last year

  1. Reprimanding Politicians Like Bad Children

Ruling parties in both the states were equally admired and criticized for their every move. This may have not sounded like a welcome wagon, but he did it in full measure of showing the pros and cons. Pawan Kalyan’s admiration for one move that brought the bridges closer and open criticism for moves that tore the Telugu people away, was well noticed during the last speech.

  1. Asking Open Questions on Twitter

Pawan’s direct take asking questions about the setbacks in the present situation within various political parties’ stirred interest. He did not leave any stone not turned while taking to tweeting on the current scheme of things and the hidden irony in it. Right from asking questions on vain moves made by opposition to lapses felt within the ruling government, he tweets them all.

  1. Directed Janasena Groups To Go To The Rescue At Pushkaralu

With the recent stampede that happened at the Godavari Pushkarams, Pawan Kalyan for one did not join the howling groups voicing their anger against governance. Instead, he took a more productive approach. The honcho of Janasena directed his fan groups and party groups to go over and assist with smooth proceedings at Godavari Mahapushkarams. He took to more fruitful participation in the problematic scenario looking at solution oriented approach rather than a problem oriented one.

PK3 5 Things I Like About Pawan Kalyan, The Lone Warrior of Indian Politics

Pawanism or Jana Sena, young crowd connects instantly with his ideals.

  1. Continues to Stand By His Mojo of Ideals

Pawan’Nijam’. His ideals cast a powerful influence on the youngsters. This is a very healthy sign, given the circumstances with the present Indian politics. The fact that PK’s words push the kids to do better to the society is a a refreshing sign. 

The core aim of his directive with Janasena stands robust. Pawan Kalyan remains unscathed with changing tides and building political pressures. His main aim of entering the mean game of politics continues to remain the same. To the point of neutrality and focus on well-being of people rather than indulging in distracting trivial moves. His envisioning of a better Country takes a prime pedestal and he will not rest, when it comes to exercising his influence on the masses in the same direction.



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