5 Reasons Why Young India Still Follows Bhagat Singh

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When you think of the Indian freedom struggle, what comes to mind is the image of those people who sacrificed their lives to make Free India a reality. One of these was Bhagat Singh. In spite of being extremely young, he had the courage to stand up against the British as well as the great Indian leaders and prove that his philosophies were right.

Though, those were the days of non-violence and Mahatma Gandhi, it cannot be denied that Bhagat Singh definitely left a mark on the minds of the people. What is astonishing is the fact that even today his philosophies still hold true. No wonder, Young India considers him their hero and follows on his footsteps to make the country a better place.

Reasons Why Bhagat Singh is Young India’s Hero

1. Overcome Blind Faith

India is a land of multiple cultures and religions. Bhagat Singh believed that though one should follow his/her religion, following it blindly was not a good idea as this would confine the people and curb their development.

Young India surely believes in this philosophy. With world becoming a smaller place and intercultural differences not ruling the minds of the people, the youngsters these days are open to make friends with anyone and everyone. This has definitely made India a better place to live what with communal harmony being widely prevalent.

2. Think Big

Bhagat Singh was born in times when kids had little exposure as compared to the modern times. However, he came up with ideas that he thought would help the country to become free. He openly shared these with his countrymen and encouraged others to follow suit.

This is one thing that the youngsters of today surely appreciate. The copy paste generation believes in coming up with novel ideas and does not hesitate in sharing these with others. No wonder, the country is making great advancements with every passing day.

3. Communicate through All Mediums

Bhagat Singh during his days had limited mediums to communicate with the countrymen. However, he made use of these to make sure that his ideas reached far and wide.

Young India surely has taken a leaf from this and is open about communicating its ideas and feelings with all and sundry. With the mediums of communication having increased manifolds over the years, this has led to the world becoming a smaller place.

4. Believe in Yourself

Bhagat Singh said that one should believe in oneself and should not depend on others for anything. This belief is something that Young India takes quite seriously. The youngsters are quite serious about the making this happen their way and when it comes to doing this, they believe on no one other than themselves. This is what is propelling India to newer heights.

5. Embrace and Enjoy Change

The great Bhagat Singh believed that people should be able to face the upheavals in one’s life and not be bothered by it. He said that it was these things which made life truly worth living.
The Young India has surely taken this philosophy quite seriously. They believe in their dreams and work their way to fulfill them. They are not deterred by any challenges. This is the secret behind the growth of the country.

Bhagat Singh’s contribution for the country can never be forgotten. With the youngsters having taken a leaf from his philosophies and beliefs, it seems that India has got to thank him for a lot more in the years to come.



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