5 Reasons Why Today’s Generation Needs Chandamama Kathalu

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Chandamama Kathalu, the famous series of children’s magazine that ran in great circulation from 1947 needs no introduction. The monthly that was originally started in Telugu by B Nagi Reddy and Chakrapani, two reputed film producers, went a long way down the decades, becoming an instant favorite for many young readers who refused to grow up and wean off the stories. There was this inimitable magic, a mysterious charm that was unique to the stories in the series.

Personally, i grew up reading those amazing books and miss them. If you are also one of the many readers who continue to feel the surreal nostalgia surrounding the magical tales, you will feel a stomach swirl right now.

Here are five important reasons why our children are seriously missing out the Chandamama magic.

1. Adorable Witches and Goblins

Yes, they have come long before the concept of Harry Potter. The fictitious characters called ‘Mantragathhelu’ (witch ladies), goblins and Kimpurushulu Kinneralu (Gandharvas equivalents) transcended into normal stories and created curious interest. They would look human but instill a sense of subtle supernatural. What they would do next would keep the children glued to reading. More reading of Telugu language enhanced our linguistic skills only further up. Imagine our children not reading in Telugu. A serious crime.

2. Innocent Tales

There was always a certain kind of innocence imbibed in the story telling. As children, we lived in blissful ignorance and believed in the fairy tales and castles. Today’s young generation has instant access to practically everything thanks to iPads and laptops (even the NOT need to know info). Hence, they don’t really live in an innocent world. Sad state of affairs.

3. Excitement To Read The Next Issue

To those who still remember eagerly waiting for their parents or the postman coming on his cycle to deliver the next issue. The wait was worth every day. There was value and importance given to the magazine, ergo value given to important things. Some of us even stacked up all the issues carefully, to re read. Even if we don’t want to sound like grandmas stating that ‘our days were way better’, one has to still agree that element of value is partially lost with kids these days.

4. Good And Evil – Without the Avengers

The stories of Chandamama Kathalu were not popcorn entertainers. They were no Marvel’s Comics. There were no Avengers or Spiderman trying to rescue the world from evil forces. Simple everyday tales with good and evil represented in human characters. That was enough to keep the stories engaging and worthwhile. And we would so relate to the inner meaning of the tale, without the need to acquire any special powers!

5. Nostalgia

Chandamama is not just a magazine. It is an important piece of childhood treasured inside our hearts. We can still recollect some of the tales and the characters that would have enchanted our young minds. Such nostalgic relationships are close to not so possible in today’s fast paced world of constant game upgrades and film sequels. Our kids may have some nostalgic memories with their superheroes, but nothing like what we had with reading the story, smelling the pages of the fresh issue.

To each generation its own. Nevertheless, Chandamama – Never Before, Never Again!



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