5 Important Lessons Women Can Learn From Puratchi Thalaivi

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The iron lady rests in peace next to her mentor. Jayalalithaa, the Amma of the masses has left behind unforgettable memories and experiences. The queen who turned out to be a kingmaker of Indian politics set an outstanding example of woman who leads with power. Puratchi Thalaivi rose like a phoenix and gave a hard hitting reply to her opponents. She set a great example as a powerful leader and an exemplary lady of persona.

The modern women of India have so much to learn from her life. Jayalalithaa’s unfailing determination, her silent resilience and fight to achieve the greater good should go on and inspire the women of today.

jaya-new 5 Important Lessons Women Can Learn From Puratchi Thalaivi

Here are few important lessons that we women can take away from Amma’s life:

Fight in Silence, Stay Resilient

Jayalalithaa was amazingly calm and resilient when she went on about making important strategies for people of the state. She never backed down with the setbacks that came in many horrifying forms. Jaya moved on, not looking back. She fought her way to rise as the true mother of the poor and downtrodden.

Avenge in Style, Show Them What You Are Made of

Jayalalithaa’s biggest humiliation happened in 1989 assembly session. She was abused, hit, her hair was pulled and more disgusting was the part where a minister from DMK tried to pull her sari. She swore that day, like a woman scorned. Jaya announced that she will re enter the assembly again only after becoming the Chief Minister. The rest is history. Her unanimous win for consecutive terms put the low life men to shame. She avenged in style, showed them what she was made of.

jaya7 5 Important Lessons Women Can Learn From Puratchi Thalaivi

Stand By What You Strongly Believe

Jayalalithaa always stood strong, be it with her belief system or the matters of the heart. She never cared for what society thought. From a successful actress to a revolutionary politician, Jaya always followed her plans. She never let anyone or anything disrupt her focus and mission.

Work Diligently, Give It Your Best Shot

Her ride with Indian politics was not smooth at all. Jayalalithaa could have quit after that crashing insult. Yet, she continued to work hard with diligence. She never gave up. She gave her best shot with meaningful strategies that empowered the common man in the state. Jaya went on and on, not caring for what had transpired on her in the form of both grief and mortification

jaya8 5 Important Lessons Women Can Learn From Puratchi Thalaivi

Walk Into the Sunset Like a Warrior

Jayalalithaa had the entire state attending her funeral as a family. The nation in totality continues to mourn her loss. She commanded respect, like a true Puratchi Thalaivi. She won her battles and proved the naysayers wrong. The leader went away, taking the great tributes of millions.

For the women of India and the world, Jaya’s story is a timeless incitement. She will continue to wow the generations to come with her historic life tale.

Salute to the Iron Lady!!



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