5 Great Things About Our Mothers and Mothers In Law

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Call it an advancement or a cliche, women of the current times are swamped. Yes, that’s the word. Being ‘swamped’ with work would have never been the case with our mothers, mother in laws or even our grandmothers. The ladies who raised us or setting an example for us today would have gone through same trials and tribulations in the form of marriage, children and the so called ‘living for others’ – minus the pounding stress to compete, cut throat and excel.

They had relatively basic routines. The clock has not grown an hour more, but we women now feel that happening multi-fold. So, what had changed?

Here are five things that i personally feel were great aspects of our moms and moms in law. After reading these, we will concur on one thing for sure. They were superwomen, ‘simplified’.

1. They Kept It SIMPLE

Remember the good old days that are often referred to as shining examples on the future? There was simplicity in every aspect of life. There was no hoopla over the daily SLA’s (if you can categorize the daily chores and professional goals into that one dreaded phrase). Women of those days had a simple plan. Keep the folks at home happy. Folks outside did not matter and never would. It was like, “I want to take care of my family more than anything”. There were no great achievements that were made after or a real mission in place. No doing Sandra Bullock in Gravity.

Women of those days simply excelled in their everyday jobs. If they were working, they would have been promoted, without a Facebook update screaming the same all over the place. Those who were housewives, already met their targets at home front with effectiveness and had nothing much to complain.

2. More Life, Less DRAMA

I cannot really comment on the crazies called Saans-Bahu aka Attha Kodalu serials these days, but somehow, somewhere, there is an upheaval. The whole drama factor had crept in only lately. Women those days had issues too, but they would not over react or fight it with their might. Let the day pass, let the problem be slept over, they looked at the brighter side of things. Sure there were fights and arguments and all sorts of things. But there were compromises and solutions too. We are really missing out on this aspect. Are the women these days turning into personal ego maniacs and cut throat dames because of the corporate life seething on their heads, i really do wonder.

3. Let The Man Do The Talking

Now, this is one smart move that was constantly practiced and still preached by the yesteryear ladies of power. The man may be the head of the house, but the woman is the neck that turns it.Our seniors have really excelled in this area, and i’m not criticizing them. In fact, i admire the whole rendition of it in the family proceedings over decades. Very often, we are reproached with phrases like “Let him take the call, you be quiet” or “Cook a good meal for him, that’s the way to his heart too”. Read between the lines ladies. Oww we are so west driven and naive!!

4. Reaction – A Big NO

Most of our moms, mothers in law and grandmothers would flaunt this relentless smile in the wake of adversities. Loans, debts, crisis, child issues, husband issues – they would not let the frustration show out that easily, unless they belong to the weaker kinds. And here we are, always carrying a mirror on our faces that connects directly to our head neurons and heart ventricles. Reacting strongly was never an answer, and is never is, Still!

5. Balance is THE Key

We women simply love to drive ourselves crazy. Be it marriage, the job, babies, relationship or even a promotion, we would love action in everything. Some of us may have retained a flair for balance but most of us need some working in the area. Taking a cue from our mothers and mothers in law who have balanced the ship with great efficiency, i’d say we need to pause, breathe and introspect.

So ladies, now that i’m done glorifying the past and reprimanding the present. The end of the grandma tale. Let us mix some old with the new!!


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