5 Amazing Lessons From Andhra Pradesh in the Last Two Years

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It has been two years exactly, since the great bifurcation happened. The new state of Andhra Pradesh was left to fend for itself, to say the least. Putting aside the sum total of unfairness (which continues to go on), the state of Andhra looks at the decision as an opportunity. Perhaps, this is one way where Andhra as a region will largely concentrate to develop and flourish, setting world class standards.

The hardships are there, nevertheless. With constant setbacks in the form of financial aid from the center, Andhra Pradesh continues to look ahead, not backwards. Amaravati, the destined new capital city is pushing the momentum to take shape. In the midst of all the chaos and confusion, the state has managed to attract attention from global investors, running solo like a rookie. Brick by brick is being built, as the state vies for better infrastructure and stability.

Five great lessons set by Andhra Pradesh in the last two years that become valuable insights to million others, perhaps the next possible new states as well.

When Faced With Adversities, Keep Walking

The road has been and continues to be full of adversities. AP has made it a habit to pick what’s productive and what isn’t. The work is in progress, no doubt, but it will be done. Obstacles are there, but there are other opportunities too. The state is making a healthy move, focussing on the latter part.

If You Build, They Will Come

Time and again, people of Andhra have made this a reality. They have built massive bases of industry and infrastructure wherever they went. Only this time, concentration will be in the home ground. Men and women of the region will continue to build, and the results are for the world to see. This is going to be a time consuming process, this shift. But what’s inherent will always stay and work.

Hang In There, and Work Towards Progress

Working towards progress is what matters now. Andhra Pradesh has not backed down. Instead, the state is picking up the left pieces and creating a new identity for itself. The most important point would be to hang in there, and keep doing important work. Two years down the line, some of the most important initiatives from the state in the sectors of technology, agriculture, electronics etc. have fetched fruit.

There Will Be Nay Sayers, Ignore Them

Nay Sayers are everywhere, but they have been in large numbers ever since the divide. The governance or the people are not getting bogged down with this group. People continue to look at a better tomorrow, supporting anything in the name of progress. Thinking that weaves development is often better than vain proceedings that do not bear any good to the statesmen.

Cement One Brick, Each passing Day

The state looks at progress and achievements, starting from the scratch. Every day is an agenda filled with plans that uplift the new state. Andhra looks on to even the smallest of achievements, and counts it. This is a winner attitude that paves way for major outcomes.

Yes, today is the day that opened new opportunities for the new state of Andhra Pradesh. Putting all the doubt, hesitation and agony aside, let us remember one thing – Rome was not built in a day!



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