2 Yrs of AP – Investments in Agro & Food Sector Are Jaw Dropping!!

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If there is one sector that had gained shockingly fast momentum in AP in the last two years, that would be food and agro. No question there, the state has been a predominant base for flourishing agriculture and fisheries. Despite the fact that other more ‘advanced’ sectors have been making a steady progress in the form of investments and operational deployment, the agro and food sector made a gigantic leap. Better and mightier than the rest of them all!

So, how did this happen? In all eventuality, Andhra Pradesh as a state holds premise for downpour of investments and collaborations in this sector. The retail space has definitely picked up on the sizable options that they have to see in this region. Right from global players like PepsiCo and Kellogg’s, some of the most remarkable names have signed memorandums of understanding with the CBN led government.

Here is the list of names that  are set to make business or are already on the roll:

Godrej Agrovet
Andhra Sugars
Godfrey Philips
Pennar Aqua Exports
Super Spinning Mills

No, that is not all, here are the upcoming ones

Avanti Feed Ltd.
Ruchi Soya Industries
Penver Products Pvt. Ltd.
Mulpuri Aqua
Charon Pokphand Group

AP – Open for Business to ALL

The fine examples above convey the message loud and clear – AP is open for business to all. Size is not the question, as much as the output. CM has been pitching the new state of Andhra Pradesh since June 2nd, 2014. The prime agenda then and now continues to be the same. Get as many businesses rolling as possible, co creating and catering to other areas that have been lacking.

Employment Generation Gets New Lease of Life

Unemployment for one, will be answered greatly with these collaborations. Skill development and utilization has been one of the core areas that the state government has been looking into. What better avenue than the super flexible retail space?

Brands like Brittannia and Godrej automatically generate massive employment, thanks to being in the top list of India’s money spinners. A fine mix of companies operating into FMCG, Aqua mining and sea food manufacturing etc call in for greater scope to people from all categories. CBN breaks his cliche surrounding strong affiliation with technology and tech driven investments. The state government has been conveniently balancing and creating a strong eco-system that provides employment and avenues to all – right from a tired farmer to a highly driven techie who needs a job.

The food and agro sector is destined to see more progression and that too at a fast rate. Peaking is not really a challenge, considering the even mix of the industry. We hope that more names are added to this list in the coming year.



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