15 Amazing Unknown Facts About Telugu Language

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The glory of Telugu Literature is definitely beyond words. Going back in time lapsing to centuries, Telugu Literature or Telugu Sahityam is a compilation of works written in Telugu language. Novels, poems, dramas, short stories and even those sophisticated and deep Puranas – they all necessarily constitute the entirety of Telugu Literature.

Did you know it was in the 11 th Century that Mahabharata was first translated into Telugu by the great Nannaya? The literature of the Telugus flourished under the royal rule of Vijayanagara empire, where the mighty and learned literary called AshtaDiggajalu took over and established the creme in the subject. Telugu language is spoken in different diction across various parts of Andhra. Every accent carries its own unique beauty.

Here are 15 Amazing Facts About The 13th Most Spoken Language In The World!!

1. Telugu Speakers More In Number Than The French

That’s right!! There are more number of Telugu speakers in India than those who speak French in the world as their first language. A simple statistic of 79 Million Telugu speakers as against the 75 Million of French proves this point.

2. Telugu Inscriptions Date Before The Arrival of Nannaya

Most of us know that the great Nannaya translated Mahabharata in the 11th century. However, evidences cite Telugu language works going back in time before that. Numerous stone inscriptions from 525 CE done by the Cholas, existence of literary work Gaha Sattasai written by a Satavahana king dating back to 200 BCE and Bhattiprolu inscriptions dating to 400 BCE state that.

3. Telugu Language is 2400 Years Old!!

Yes, going by all the cumulative evidence as above, the Telugu language as such is aged 2,400 years old. The transition of the language comes down over from centuries.

4. Telugu Language Evolved Over Centuries

The language itself has transcended rapidly from what was to what is. The earliest inscriptions used were tightly Grandhikam. For example, snake was referred to as Nagabu, which later became Naagamu and later Naagu. There are also heavy influences of Sanskrit on the language as such. The diction and pronounciation have also undergone a great deal of metamorphosis.

5. Ancient Telugu Speakers Used ‘Bu‘ Instead of ‘Mu’

Yes, this is one of the most astounding things. The ancient Telugu speakers would use the word ‘Bu’ in place of ‘Mu’. The letters of the Prathamaa Vibhakti (Du, Mu, Vu, Lu) were used often number of times.

main-qimg-82b61bf6e4be75b693b35dfbb5f19963?convert_to_webp=true 15 Amazing Unknown Facts About Telugu Language

Telugu script evolved from its earliest origins

6. Nannaya’s First Contribution Was Something Else

The great Nannnaya’s first contribution was not Mahabharata translated in Telugu. The Adi Kavi (First Poet) of Telugu wrote Telugu Grammar, Andhra Shabdha Chintamani first. This is the very bible of linguistic rules that define Telugu language till day. For this, Nannaya was titled as Vaaganu Saasanudu (Determiner of Language Laws). This is a bigger honor than being called the first poet!

7. A Portuguese Missionary Translated Bible Into Telugu

Some of us know about the Europeans who wrote contemporary Telugu. But did you know that Bible was translated into Telugu by a Portuguese Missionary named Benjamin Shulge?

8. Secret About The Telugu Letter ‘Ga’ (గ)

Telugu letter గ (‘ga’) is visually similar to the corresponding Kannada letter ಗ (‘ga’). But there is one more connection. It is also similar to the corresponding Burmese letter ဂ.

9. Telugu Library in Yangon

There is a well established Telugu Library in Yangon, Myanmar. It is called as Vemana Library.

10. Telugu Street in Moulmein

Not everybody knows that there is a street called Malle Poola Dibba (street of jasmines) in Moumein, Myanmar.

11. Burmese Constitution Was Written By a Telugu Person

Yes, the second in command who wrote the original 1948 constitution in Burma was a Telugu by origin.

12. Mauritius Radio Airs Telugu

Mauritius radio and television air regular programming in Telugu. There are Telugu people in South Africa, Botswana, Kenya and other places in east and southern Africa.

main-qimg-b89c2602830ce52943cc344ea425b043?convert_to_webp=true 15 Amazing Unknown Facts About Telugu Language

The Old Peguan Script That Establishes The Link Between Burma and Telugu

13. Krishnadevaraya Was The One Who First Quoted Telangana

Telugu Thalachina Deshambu Telangaanyamu (తెలుగు తలచిన దేశంబు తెలంగాణ్యము), meaning “The Country Which Speaks of Telugu is Telangana”, was a reworked adaptation of an original quote said by the great ruler Krishnadevaraya.

14. Telugu Civilization in Myanmar

There existed an ancient Tailang civilization in Eastern Myanmar that spoke Telugu.
15. The Great History Behind Telugu in Mynamar

The origins of Tailangs are traced back to the region between the rivers Krishna and Godavari. Their ancients from the civiliation moved to Myanmar. The language, traditions and script, all come from here.



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