“Simhapuri Bhavitha” – A New Ray of Hope for Job Seeking Citizens

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Outsourcing agencies these days are having a field day by hiring skilled manpower at low pay scales, thanks to the growing number of job seekers in the state. In order to put an end to this exploitation, the government has created “Simhapuri Bhavitha”. This is a society that will be controlled by the district administration and will directly hire people, skilled or unskilled, to the various government posts in Nellore. This initiative was taken once it became apparent that outsourcing agencies are earning crores of rupees from the amount that is transferred to them as payment towards Insurance, ESI, EPF and PF of the employees. It was seen that these agencies have also been evading the payment of service taxes.

Incidents have been reported where these agencies have collected large amount of money from the people seeking jobs. Then there have been cases where they have even gone on to blackmail the people whom they have placed to pay more money. This solution was put forth by R Muthyala Raju, an IAS topper himself, after he came to know about these activities while he was working in the East Godavari district as the Joint Collector.

He said that with this scheme, he intended to focus on educated yet unemployed people belonging to the lower social strata. He added that special focus would be given on Girijans where the elders actually discouraged the children from taking up higher studies citing the growing number of unemployed graduates around them. While explaining the idea of Simhapuri Bhavitha, he said that the unemployed youngsters will gain suitable jobs in both private as well as government sectors. He added that the selection for these jobs will be given lots of publicity and will be done on the basis of merit with the reservation rule also being followed.

The society will be handed over the remuneration of the people who find job through it and it will then pay their salaries along with other benefits like PT, EPF, ESI etc. In order to streamline the legal matters, about 453 people who have been working as outsourcing employees have been brought into the society.

Plans are also on to offer pre-placement training to the youth in various skills and trades through private organizations and government institutions. All the petitions and applications that come in seeking employment will be maintained in a database by the grievance cell and will be considered to appoint the suitable candidates to various posts.

According to the reports, about 6240 youth have already registered their names under Simhapuri Bhavitha and 115 of these have even found jobs in various government departments. The CEO of Setnel and a member of the society, C Subhramanaym said that the people who have found jobs include a widow of a person who was killed in a road mishap while working in Saudi Arabia as well as a woman who contracted AIDS after a blood transfusion.



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