Stanford School of Engineering to Turn The Face of AP Smart Villages

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The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Shri Chandrababu Naidu is usually compared to the Governor of California, thanks to their similarity when it comes to bringing about developments to change the face of their state.

With this aim in mind, the next step that the CM is all set to take is to convert 1500 villages in the state into smart villages. He has roped in the Stanford School of Engineering for the process. This ambitious project will begin with Mori, which will also act as the head office for this project. Most of the villages in AP are agricultural villages and Mori is no different. However, the residents in this village are have used technological advancements and novel business methodologies to improve their ventures and their lives. Like, the shrimp farmers use the sensor technology which helps them to get the information of pH level and other relevant details on their smartphone. This in turn plays an important role in maximizing their yield.

The Stanford School of Engineering aims at offering solutions to various aspects that fall within their academic interests. This includes food security, energy access and geo spatial analysis. All these solutions will be put together with the work done by the earlier groups as well as future groups to design a smart kit that will come in handy for the improvement of smart villages throughout the state.

The school is also trying to reach out to the students in the AP villages as well as form connection with the technological firms, in order to improve their method of collecting data. According to them this would enhance their framework and would be beneficial for the smart villages that are being developed.



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