Future Decoded – CBN and Nadella’s Digital Mission for AP Revealed

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The digital future for sunrise state was revealed collectively by the CM N Chandrababu Naidu and the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

The digital future for sunrise state Andhra Pradesh was revealed collectively by the CM N Chandrababu Naidu and the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Future Decoded, the conference held by Microsoft in Mumbai today brought forth important vision that was shared towards making Andhra Pradesh a digitally empowered state with jobs and way of life.

Satya Nadella took to the stage first to express his vision for a digitally transformed India.

Skype Lite

The new Skype Lite – product made specifically for India was showcased. Lite consumes lesser data
than the regular Skype. Nadella also shared updates about the plan to link Skype with Aadhaar. A new feature called Skype Caller will be installed to verify details using Aadhaar Card. This will function based on the one time password that will be sent after linked with user’s phone number.

New LinkedIn Lite

Microsoft also unveiled LinkedIn Lite which will come loaded with great new features. Project Sangam, envisioned to create more blue collared jobs will integrate with LinkedIn Lite to synchronize with an individual’s Aadhaar number. Project Sangam will offer training courses for jobs in F&B, BPOs, Retail and all other verticals. The feature will also empower people to access more jobs.

Kaizala’s Popularity Grows

Kaizala was popularly used during the Krishna Pushkarams by the govt officials to communicate with each other. Taking few steps ahead, Microsoft will work towards bringing together synchronised functioning of departments with the app. This way, all the data is stored on cloud with proper control mechanism in place.

AP, The Cloud First State

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu announced to the audience that AP is now the ‘cloud first’ state. Kaizala will control and regulate all the tools and data on a single platform with breakthrough cloud hybrid technology. Kaizala will include chat, tasks, groups, and a variety of actions, and is already being implemented by the Andhra Pradesh government across various departments. Kaizala presently connects over 62,000 police officials of the state to enable real time monitoring with ground data. The app works well even on basic models and 2G connections. The CM expressed that real time governance is the main aim, to make Andhra Pradesh one in the top three in the country by the year 2022 and no 1 by 2029.

Mission 14 Million Jobs

“We want to create 14.4 million jobs – LinkedIn has shown the way and we will sign up right away,” the CM announced. “With the Aadhaar, anything can be transacted by the touch of a finger, right from health to banking,” he said.

AP has deployed 10 Lakh IoT devices for generating real time data, that will be accessed by officials via CORE dashboard.



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