1000 Days of Sunrise State – Five Significant Milestones

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Andhra Pradesh, the Sunrise State will complete 1000 days coming June. The feeling is overwhelming, poetic and astounding. The bifurcated state is soon to see the rise of iconic Dharanikota one more time as the people capital. In the midst of all the adversity and turbulence, the Sunrise State is surging ahead, quiet and steady. The ride so far has been filled with achievements, learning and hope.

Here are the five important milestones that Andhra Pradesh had set for itself with hard work in the last two and odd years.

Set to become Major Food Processing Hub

Andhra is deigning to become one of the country’s biggest food processing hubs. The state has received investments worth Rs 48,000 Cr. This apart, some more investments are in the pipeline. The fact that the state flaunts second largest coastline gives a formidable advantage. Access to ports that connect the state directly with Africa and East Asia becomes an added plus. So far, cities like Nellore and Chittoor are already seeing setting up of 130 medium and large scale food processing units. The state also tops the list with respect to poultry farming.
With brands like Patanjali waiting to jump start their operations, Andhra is set to become a major food processing base in the days to come.

Growing Automobile Base

What had begun with brands like Isuzu and Kia Motors is going to see more names joining the list. Andhra Pradesh has a great potential with growing automobile manufacturing bases across the state. The state is set to welcome more business in the sector. Companies find cities like Nellore highly connected with the neighboring states that are quipped with supplier of parts, such as Tamil Nadu. This paves way for AP to sign more agreements and kick start operations for major auto giants.


A self explanatory rise that was evidently seen with the advent of Foxconn plant at Sri City. Andhra Pradesh is raring to go as the hub of electronics. With national and international players joining the line to manufacture their products in the state, AP has an undeniable scope to become India’s largest electronics hub very soon.

IT and T

CM personally has a huge affinity with technology and tech enabled services. Rise of FinTech and Millennium towers will open doors to more IT and tech companies to open their shops here. With 8 IT companies jump starting their operations at Amaravati, the stage is set for the Sunrise State to become a leader and give tough contest to the existing cities. The introduction of fiber grid usage into 14 million homes will be a game changer in the coming days.

Small Scale Industries

One of the significant things seen in the last two years is the rise of small scale industries across the state. The fine examples set by DWCRA women cannot be overlooked. This proves that people of Sunrise State have been working relentlessly to realize their independent goals, walking in parallel and collaborative lines with the government.

These and more, the Sunrise State of Andhra Pradesh is welcoming the dawn of a new era.



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